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Something Scandalous

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Rustling, a simple sound. Soft, subtle scratching sounds that echoed across the soft, silk sheets. A quick breath. Skin against skin. Grasping hands, generously giving gratification. Copper, the smell of blood. The melodic modulation of the grasping hands, rustling sheets, and echoing scratches were erupting alike to a symphony in full swing!

Oh, how beautiful it was. Shadows, becoming one within the room that smelled of copper and lavender. The inky blackness was disrupted by a passing light down the hallway just outside the door. The door was cracked, only slightly, to show just a sliver of the movie playing inside.

Two figures, their hearts beating as one, wrestled against one another with pure intimacy. The passion that was shared between each kiss was beyond bliss; it was more. It was indescribable, irrevocable, perfection. Something that simple minded humans could only dream about.

The prying eyes that watched by candlelight was so moved, they sat down and watched in silence, the copulating couple not even bothered by the light that penetrated their passion. They moved as one, their silhouettes dark against the curtained window behind of them.

A final gasp and then climax.

The eyes watching then gasped as well, clasping a shaking set of hands to cover their mouth from screams. The figure on top rose their head and barred a set of fangs. The candlelight could make out that much from this distance. The figure beneath the fangs was killed, right there, crimson spilling to darken the already blood stained sheets.



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