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Frank the Mummy

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Amateur Writer

Frank the Mummy 2hre980

EXP: 0/1 (Left over from Character Creation)
Age: 90
Decree: The Seperent Headed - Ren (Name)
  • Studious, prying, and disciplined, the “Whisperers” focus primarily on identity—the idea that there’s a truth to and within everything, and that this truth makes of each thing itself. Driven to understand themselves and their world, they are implacable in their questing.
Judge: Batsu
  • Called the Stare, this Judge can sense buried secrets with but a look and uses its gift to judge those who have “eaten their own hearts” (i.e., tried to cheat justice). It appears as an androgynous robed figure with a thin mouth and nose, but blank skin where its eyes should be. Instead of hair, its head bears a multi-colored mop of snake bodies that end not in heads, but in unblinking eyes.
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Lust

Mental Intelligence ●●●● Wits ●● Resolve ●●
Physical Strength ●● Dexterity ●●● Stamina ●●
Social Presence ●● Manipulation ●●● Composure ●●

Ab ● Ba ● Ka ● Ren ●●●●  Sheut ●●

Sekhem: 10
Health: 7
Willpower: 4
Memory: 3
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Initiative Mod: 5
Defense: 5
Armour: 0

Academics (History) - ●●●
Investigation - ●●●
Occult - ●●●
Science - ●●
Firearms (Pistols) - ●●●
Larceny - ●●
Stealth -  ●●
Streetwise (Rumors) - ●●●
Persuasion - ●●

Affinities & Utterance
  • By Steps Unseen
    • The Arisen can take an instant action to hide herself. Her player rolls Stealth with a bonus of the mummy’s Sheut rating, resisted by the opponent’s Wits + Composure. The effect succeeds if her player beats the successes of all potential witnesses or her player gets an exceptional success, allowing her to take advantage of a distraction or to move while an opponent blinks. Either way, success permits reflexive teleportation to a destination within (Sheut x 10) yards. She vanishes and reappears in a burst of shadows she alone notices. The mummy must be able to perceive the destination or have been there previously and can’t teleport to a location another sapient being is currently viewing without an exceptional success for a window of opportunity. The first use of this Affinity each scene is free. Subsequent activations in the same scene cost one Willpower each.
      Arisen often use By Steps Unseen to set themselves up for an attack, appearing behind an unsuspecting opponent or jumping to a higher sniping perch. So long as a relocated mummy remains undetected, his enemies cannot apply their Defense against his attacks.
  • Enlightened Senses
    • The Arisen’s perception expands, revealing truth and beauty unknown to mere mortals. These enhanced senses provides numerous benefits:
      • He can perceive spirits in Twilight with all his senses and sees spirits possessing living/dead bodies as translucent outlines of their true forms superimposed over their hosts.
      • His player adds +2 to the following actions for the mummy: perception rolls, Craft rolls to create art, and Investigation rolls to solve enigmas. This bonus increases to the Arisen’s Ren rating when Fate draws his attention to particular details or guides his hand. Even if the action fails, he intuits that the action was somehow important.
      • His uncanny aesthetics constantly review and synthesize meaning from known facts, giving him the Common Sense Merit and the Meditative Mind Merit. Both Merits are granted for free, refunding appropriate experience for either the character already has.
      • His steady hand and steadier eyes subtract his Ren rating from the range penalty to fire weapons at medium or long range.
  • Chthonic Dominion
    • Tier 1 - Ba  ●:  The mummy conjures a pale orb of blue-tinted light the size of a child’s heart. The light appears somewhere within (Ba + Sekhem) yards and lasts until dismissed. Its creator can telepathically command it to follow her or to move to a new location within range like a faithful pet, zipping from point to point at whatever speed she imagines. The orb illuminates a three-yard radius with a glow as bright as the full moon. More importantly, the light reveals all ghosts within its radiance as if they were visibly manifested and further endows the dead with the power to freely communicate as though successfully using the Ghost Speech Numen (WoD, page 211)  for every sentence. Ghosts possessing other beings or objects appear as a translucent overlay leaking through the forms of their hosts, but may otherwise be seen and heard normally. This unveiling is not optional, but it requires no effort from affected ghosts. The restless dead vanish from sight and hearing when they move beyond the light.
    • Tier 2 - Sheut  ●●: Unleashing this tier allows the Arisen to issue one command to a ghost or revenant she can perceive. This command can be any length or complexity, but it must be a single concept (e.g. “Defend this tomb from all redheads unless they speak my name” or “Tell me how you died”). The task can be open ended with no way to complete it (e.g. “Stay here forever”), but it must be possible (e.g. no“Become a vampire”). Alternately, the mummy may target a person or object she suspects is possessed, though only to order any possessing ghosts to depart. The magic of the Utterance ensures the ghost understands the command regardless of language barriers. Roll the Arisen’s Presence + (Persuasion or Intimidation, as appropriate), subtracting the ghost’s Resistance or Composure. This roll reduces its target number by –1 if the target ghost is illuminated by this Utterance’s first tier. If successful, the ghost must obey to the best of its abilities and must act in good faith to serve the spirit as well as the letter of its orders. Use of this tier overrides previous uses of this tier, so a ghost can only slave under one such compulsion at a time. Ghosts still risk degeneration for actions they are compelled to take, but receive a +1 bonus to resist.
    • Tier 3 - Ren  ●●●●: The Arisen reshapes a lost soul. The mummy targets a ghost or revenant she can perceive or a known ghost, though the latter requires her to touch one of the ghost’s anchors at the time of unleashing. Targeting a ghost who is not present summons it into proximity with its anchor, as though it spent Willpower to do so. The spirit’s arrival is dramatic, heralded by a scream that precedes the screamer, audible to all witnesses. Roll the Arisen’s Manipulation + Occult, subtracting a penalty of the ghost’s Resistance or Resolve. Each rolled success allows the mummy to impose one of the following transformations: change its Vice or Virtue, reassign new Morality rating (maximum of the ghost’s Morality at the time of death; raising Morality removes derangements normally), remove all metaphysical connection to one anchor (tearing away the final anchor obliterates the ghost utterly, annihilating all traces of its existence), assign a new anchor (which must be present), remove any number of memories (either specified experiences or spans of time such as “childhood”), or restore any forgotten memories (including supernaturally deleted ones). Unleashed upon on a ghost with the Impassioned Soul, the tier cannot give it Virtue, Vice, Morality, or anchors, but it can reassign or instill a Passion (maximum of three).
  • Awaken the Dead
    • Tier 1 - Ba ●: Mummies defy death as corpses infused with life. With this tier, an Arisen may extend a spark of his own animation to a corpse, summoning echoes of the person that body used to be. He must touch the target gently, bathing it in the nimbus of his Sekhem. His player rolls Manipulation + Occult. If the corpse’s skull is not mostly intact, a -5 penalty applies to this roll. For each success, the Arisen may ask the corpse one question and extract a truthful reply. Any information the deceased knew in life is fair game, but the body can only answer with yes or no (and always replies in the same language as the questions, even if it didn’t know that tongue in life). If the answer cannot be distilled down to yes or no, the cadaver remains silent, and that question is wasted. If the body is intact enough to have a mouth, it animates enough to speak its answer in a dusty whisper. Otherwise, the words mysteriously emanate from the general vicinity of the remains. Repeated unleashing of this Utterance can extract any number of answers from a body.
    • Tier 2 - Sheut ●●●: With this tier, the Arisen no longer asks. He commands. By his word and touch and a flare of undying power, he causes a mostly intact human corpse to rise and serve him as a Lifeless monstrosity. The creature has no real mind of its own and little to no recollection of its former self. It exists only to drag others into death, hunting down and killing all people and animals it encounters unless preempted by its creator’s orders. These it obeys to the best of its limited cognition.
    • Tier 3 - Ren ●●●●●: The mummy can briefly resurrect the dead, working a miracle that defies and subverts the natural order (considered a sin against Memory for mummies with Memory 8+). Unleashing the tier requires him to touch human remains or the space occupied by a manifesting ghost. Should the target exist as both, then whichever half is not present vanishes from its current location and fuses into the touched half. Absent a ghost, a cadaver summons its departed essence from the great beyond. A simultaneous effort to resurrect a ghost and its flesh gives priority to the cadaver. The magic has no effect if the remains are already animated by supernatural power (like a vampire’s body). Neither may this tier affect a mummy, even while she is deceased. The fused remains transmute to living flesh, rapidly regenerating back to perfect health in mere moments. The revived mortal’s memories include her entire life, plus any experiences as a ghost. She begins her new life with her traits at the time of death, plus full health and Willpower points. If the mummy desires, the departed returns wrapped in ancient Egyptian funereal linens conjured from raw magic; otherwise, she resurrects wearing whatever clothes adorn her remains. Such a miracle cannot last. After (the mummy’s Memory + Sekhem) hours pass, the resurrected mortal’s body suddenly crumbles to dust and unravels into the great beyond, leaving no trace that can ever again be recalled by this Utterance or any other magic.
  • Common Sense ●●●●
    • Your character is exceptionally grounded and pragmatic, and can usually be depended upon to make sound, straightforward decisions after a few moments thought. The Storyteller can make a reflexive Wits + Composure roll once per chapter for your character if he is about to embark on a disastrous course of action, or if you find yourself at a point in the story where you're completely stumped for ideas. If the roll succeeds, the Storyteller may point out the risks of a particular course, or suggest possible actions that your character can take that might get events back on track. Note: While you're free to ask the Storyteller for a Common Sense roll when you're out of ideas, he is under no obligation to comply. It's an aid, not a crutch. Available at character creation only.
  • Meditative Mind ●
    • Your character can effortlessly enter a meditative state when she chooses, and can remain in it for as long as she wishes. All environmental penalties imposed to Wits + Composure rolls to meditate are ignored. Not even wound penalties apply to your character's efforts to focus.
  • Language - Latin
    • Your character knows an additional language besides his own. One dot in this Merit means that he can read, write and speak an extra language with minimal fluency. Two dots indicate that he is literate and conversationally fluent. Three dots indicate that he can speak the language like a native and is well-read in it. You must specify which language your character is familiar with when purchasing this Merit.
  • Ambidextrous ●●●
    • Your character does not suffer the -2 penalty for using his off-hand in combat or to perform other actions.
  • Gunslinger ●●●
    • Your character's capability and experience with firearms is such that he can accurately fire two pistols at the same time. Your character still suffers the -2 offhand penalty for shooting with his secondary hand (unless he also possesses the Ambidextrous Merit), but he can shoot both pistols as a single action during a turn. The second attack is also at a -1 penalty. Your character may shoot at two different targets if he wishes, but the amount of concentration required negates his Defense for the turn. The Merit can be used with pistols only.
  • Amnesia: Your character cannot remember a certain period of her life. This might have been caused by physical or psychological trauma, and memories might come back at the most unexpected or inopportune moments. In addition, she might not remember allies or enemies from her past. This seeming disregard might insult others, make them abandon your character, or drive them to make her remember. For all she knows, there might be a warrant out for her arrest in a distant county or state.

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