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Turrible Legend of Dragoon fan fiction

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1Turrible Legend of Dragoon fan fiction Empty Turrible Legend of Dragoon fan fiction on Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:40 pm


Great Writer
My heart hammered in my chest as seconds seemed to stretch into minutes, adrenaline coursing through veins as I vainly tightened fingers around the handle of my blade. Standing in front of me was something few people ever expected to see, something that was resigned to legends that had long since passed. Yet here I was staring it down as if it were just another beast that needed to be slain but that was far from the case. This was not the average beast but something that had crawled straight from the pages of history; and took on physical form as it tried to reduce me to a bloody pulp. “I'm not scared.” I told myself almost as if it would help the growing sense of dread filling this chest.

Claws scraped against the stone ground, sparks flying in the air as the leviathan inched closer towards me. A thousand sharp teeth filled the seemingly endless maw. Tongue flickering around in search of its next meal,that meal of course being me. All that protected me from its wrath was simple iron armor, crafted myself. But what could it do against these daggers called teeth? That was the question that I had wondered in the span of a few seconds, along with how I would even hope to kill it if I lacked magic. Considering my current situation, magic was an impossibility. “What were you thinking?” that was the question I asked myself as I raised the broadsword in defense. Admittedly it was a bad defense, it was a defense nonetheless. Something within me was screaming to run but where would I run to? Where would I be safe when running from a beast like this?

It let out a sound that could be mistaken for a chuckle as it stopped its approach and simply stared at my weapon. Twinkling black orbs trying to size up what it could do but that only lasted a second.

Pain spread through my side as all sense of direction went straight to hell. My body hit something hard, most likely the earthen walls of the canyon as the blade fell from my numb hands. Now I was at the mercy of a blood thirsty beast, a beast known as a dragon. Slowly it creeped towards me, almost as if it were enjoying this moment, something I didn't expect of what acted like a mindless monster. I was now to be the food for this monster, something I didn't even understand why I was fighting; which brought the question why I was even fighting it? There was no point in it if memory serves its purpose, yet here I was about to die because of this thing.

I was dying but here I was frantically thinking that I didn't want to die. How pathetic is that? A claw was raised as it seemed prepared to deal a finishing blow, tongue playing over razor teeth almost playfully. Down came the hand of judgment, its weight absolute. A red light flashing over my vision as the dragon seemed to recoil from me, confusion or was it fear flashing through its eyes. Next thing I knew, I was bursting towards it and my blade was impaled within its chest. A black ichor splashing across a strange red breast plate as sword was removed. And the leviathan fell with a pain groan. The being seemed to grow small as it fell to the ground but was still only beneath me, until the sudden realization had hit. That I was flying. But how could that be?

Dizziness overcame my senses as I fell and everything gave way to black. “So, you’ve awoken.” A female voice cooed.

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2Turrible Legend of Dragoon fan fiction Empty Re: Turrible Legend of Dragoon fan fiction on Mon Aug 06, 2012 5:14 am


Great Writer
Darkness hung suspended, like a black tarp cast over my vision. Where was I and why did my body feel so…cold? In fact,why did I even feel that sensation in the first place? The coldness I felt was almost like the absolute grip of death, something that was truly inescapable. Shadow hands played over my body, running along my chest and further down, only stopping at my naval as a burning sensation seemed to rise up from that region almost instantaneously. “Wake up.” A whisper said in my ear, as limbs refused to cooperate with coherent thought. If only this body would respond to the call that was given so clearly but it could not. What held me within this thrall?”Wake up.” The same shadowy voice whispered, like a command. Now was the time that demons came, within dreams to steal the soul of the poor unfortunate fool. Like the old tales that a parent would tell their child to keep them from misbehaving.

“Wake up Dragoon, your destiny is not fulfilled.” What was a dragoon? The memory of it came almost like a flood within my mind, nearly dragging me back into unconsciousness. At the center was a light that was slowly growing, from a small star into a bright sun that was almost impossible to turn away from. There was no way I could turn away from it, as if the very irises were glued upon it. Upon that damned sun that dominated the very sky, though I knew it would burn away my vision if I dared to stare for too long. What was this light that I stared into? Why was I so transfixed upon it? These were the questions that coursed through my mind as I tried, almost as if against my own will to reach for it. I was reaching for the damned stars now.

Lips moved but no words came out of them. Oh gods please let this end. Pushing towards the light, I could feel my body slowly responding, almost as if it were slowly floating through a vast expanse. “Yes, awaken.” The voice encouraged as I moved onward, slowly, but it was still moving. Though in the back of my mind I heard the cry, almost as if it were muffled by something,it sounded like a woman, calling for me but the name was not there. Who the hell was she and more importantly, who the hell was I? That question alone rang as hands urged a haggard body forward even faster.

“No.” I could feel my lips form as the light consumed me like a fire but it didn’t burn. I was at peace with it, as if I knew that fighting was pointless against it. There was only peace in surrender, so I gave in to it.

“Yes.” The sensuous female voice uttered.

“Disaster” Another spoke in an almost heart breaking tone.

Eyes shot open as a dark haired woman looked down upon me, her red painted lips down upon me. Eyes like polished emeralds, which complimented her porcelain skin.

“Welcome to the world of the living my Dart.”

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