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Yoritomo Daikichi

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1Yoritomo Daikichi Empty Yoritomo Daikichi on Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:38 pm

Number 12

Number 12
Amateur Writer
So I've got my bro mostly statistically complete.

Yoritomo Daikichi

Conceptually I envision that he's a big, imposing captain of a ship. He gets ordered by some means to accompany this expedition inland, but is mostly uncomfortable about it. His major goal is to complete his duties quickly so that he can get back out with his crew. He's competent in navigation and handling money from a few years running trade routes, but he's mostly impatient and doesn't take people's shit.

I want to take a few disadvantages and advantages that I want to ask for details on and to see if they mesh with the world and the campaign. Firstly, I've got Lost Love, and Dark Secret, and I came up with a bit of a back-story involving him maybe committing a non-commissioned act of piracy in his early days of sailing. I was thinking maybe he used to serve on a crew where his older sister was the captain. She agreed to participate in the knocking-over of an official imperial vessel, which looked like it couldn't go wrong, but after a series of disastrous mishaps which ended up killing her, Daikichi ended up having to take over and captain the ship away from the debacle.

His Dark Secret is that if anyone important ever found out that he and his sister tried to knock over an imperial ship, he'd be dishonored and ordered to commit suicide. Lost Love comes from the loss of his big sister, who he looked up to in every way. I was thinking the trigger for it could be seeing an imperial seal, or seeing someone involved in an imperial capacity, or hearing talk of imperial activity. Stuff like that.

Also, I've got something like twelve points of Disadvantages written down. I realize that it caps at ten extra experience points, but I assume that you (Dave) don't mind if we spill over for the purposes of having a cool character. If not lemmie know. I can dump something.

Next about Advantages: There aren't actually a whole lot of advantages that I'm interested in. One thing that I'm interested in setting up is a ship and a crew under my command; I realize that the ship will probably be useless unless there are rivers that are wide and deep enough to make sure that it can help us. I was thinking about using Inheritance to get a hold of a ship, but I wanted to ask how much it would be worth. Obviously a ship that will never affect the game shouldn't take too many points to buy, but if I can spend more points and have it be a larger facet of the game, I'd appreciate that. Lemmie know what it do.

Next, on the matter of a crew: The Allies Advantage seems to denote that you can buy it to get a single NPC to help you out occasionally. It also seems to deal with people of higher status, and mostly has to do with social stuff. The Servant Advantage works similarly but gives you a skilled lower-class NPC who has to listen to you despite his loyalties. Is there any way I could work these to get a group of skilled, loyal men of mixed status who I can call on occasionally to help a brother out?

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2Yoritomo Daikichi Empty Re: Yoritomo Daikichi on Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:39 pm

Number 12

Number 12
Amateur Writer
Actually, I guess he's not all that statistically complete. His skills are a mess, but I don't want to spend more points until I get the advantage stuff worked out.

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3Yoritomo Daikichi Empty Re: Yoritomo Daikichi on Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:43 pm

Bayushi Dave

Bayushi Dave
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Disadvantages are cool with however many you want, but only ten points can be used on the character.

We can use the Gentry advantage for the ship. A village is 8 points, so a kobune with a crew who know how to handle the ship with no real combat experience would cost 4 points. The Kobune uses a crew of 25 sailors who are good at sailing and recovering from last night's drinking.

For a mixture of skills it would require the servants advantage for a skilled npc, whether it be a sailor or any other kind of skilled npc.

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4Yoritomo Daikichi Empty Re: Yoritomo Daikichi on Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:01 pm

Number 12

Number 12
Amateur Writer
I was looking around for art that dave might be able to use for Daikichi, I'll post it in here when I find it. This one would be cool for a card if you cut the piggy out, maybe just took his bust from the waist up.

Yoritomo Daikichi Samurai_challenge_2_by_artozi-d4gxxsb

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