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Russell's Teapot (Treatment)

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Bayushi Dave

Bayushi Dave
Amateur Writer
Humor and Terror are the same emotion; just one is more forthcoming with the truth

Science progressed to the point where mankind would just begin to move into the stars for exploration and colonization of space. The first ship launched using the FTL drive was the Schrodinger’s Cat and after that came the Occam’s Razor station that would serve as a hub for colonial transportation. All of the services for human colonies on planets were aboard the Razor, but a good deal of support remained on Earth when the cataclysm destroyed the atmosphere. The surviving members of the species began constructing additional ships to help with the next phase of their mission.

After the destruction of Earth, the species numbered too few for any possible restoration of the species, so the surviving few decided to try and manipulate a possible flaw in the order of the universe. Roy Hubbert lays out a series of plans all dedicated to procuring the longevity of the human race. The initial plans of creating a genetically altered new human race through blood samples taken from all of the survivors reveals the genetic diversity would not give a high enough percentage of survival if implanted on any of the planets able to support life.

This leaves him with a half jokingly proposed idea of manipulating time and space to create a different reality in which the asteroid does not hit Earth. Gregory Harper proposes the idea and afterwards heads up the crew for the Wigner’s Friend, placing him in charge of the operation.

Teams of astronauts, scientist, and other survivors now have taken part on a journey to find a way to undo the destruction of Earth through unraveling time and allowing them to move on towards an Earth holding their old lives. The crew of the Murphy’s Law roams from planet to planet as a salvage ship to find the necessary components to allow interdimensional travel to take place.

The crew are made up of Bliss Fokukama, a computer scientist who uses the phrase ‘Go for Broke’ even though she doesn’t know where it comes from in spite of the fact she is descended from a member of the 442nd.

Ashley Ferrier, a business consultant who was part of a publicity outreach at the time of the event who now manages the day to day inventory and micromanagement details of the ship.

Almah Charmer, a mysterious man with no records indicating his past, even though his own account places him somewhere around six to seven hundred years and deals with the chemicals they salvage since he has an uncanny ability to withstand radiation and unstable chemical exposure.

Lucy Brillows, a woman capable of moving through a subspace within mirrors but with no real memory of what brought on this ability and now works as the ships intermediary for surveying places too dangerous for others.

Voyeurism, a psychologist who couldn’t reconcile his own life before the event occurred and attempts to maintain the emotional levels of the rest of the crew.

Hicks, a comedian who survived the destruction and found himself recruited as a crew member of the ship even though he has no workable skills. With no records left he changed his name to Hicks since his comedy was based on Bill Hicks.

The leading council decide against naming Bliss as captain due to her reputation with the others and decide against naming any of the other specialists as captain due to isolating Bliss, so they decide to make Ashley the captain of Murphy’s Law. The rest of the specialist crew meets this with suspicion and disbelief in her abilities. Bliss is upset at being looked over even though she is told her job is most vital, while Voy is upset because of his rivalry with Bliss and volatile attitude. With her background the specialist crew all take to giving her the name “Business Major” as a derogatory term.

A mission back to Earth to integrate the Murphy’s Law with the large Haldran Collider to acquire data on a subatomic particle. The trip to Earth takes the crew several days of FTL travel in which they reflect on the physics of time travel and how FTL travel places them in a different realm of existence as they currently exist as a superposed light in that state. Bliss and Almah talk with each other as she explains to him how her calculations line up the fate of the human race and how she can’t make mistakes otherwise she will negatively alter any chance humanity has of moving on. Almah tells her a little about his past, but fails to give her any real details on the time period he relays to her.

Hicks and Ashley bond over the fact neither of them know much about physics or computer engineering, but know enough about living. They discuss the lives they used to live and how events led to this. Hicks tells her that everything they talk about amounts to nothing because the asteroid changed everything and wouldn’t have changed anything. Ashley tells him their choices led to where how they stayed alive through the impact, and he tells her it’s the same thing.

Voy displays his lack of engineering skills and general frustration with fixing things when he breaks his computer. Voy tries talking to Lucy, but she just feels he is trying to analyze her so he can feel normal about himself.

On the way to Earth Bliss and Ashley have an argument that leads to Ashley making a statement about how the internet works. When she starts Bliss cuts her off by saying Ashley can’t explain how the internet works and explains it herself. In doing so she gives Ashley an idea in salvaging the internet through databanks. When the asteroid hit, the damage knocked out the databanks leading to Australia. The crews on Wigner’s Friend and Occam’s Razor overlooked the data when they extracted it and left for their exploration, leaving the Australian information systems intact.

Voy works while listening to binaural beats to help him lower his stress. Bliss listens to them while she sleeps to elicit lucid dreams, but never tells Voy about them.

Once they get back to Earth they pick up active signals originating from Europe. A binaural code keeps bouncing off of the ship’s receiver. Lucy begins to hum a melody to the signal. Voy talks to her about the melody she is humming. She tells him the words coming to her mind are Dead, dead, dead, dead, everyone is dead, dead.

The crew needs to operate on two different operations in exhuming the Australian systems and extracting any information they can on the LHC. In the structure of the LHC the crew discover a man still living within the LHC. He wears a plague doctor costume and calls himself the Doctor. He does not withhold information, but does keep his message cryptic in his own perspective of the world. He claims to administer a cure to the inhabitants of the LHC, but none of the crew can see anyone else in the LHC.

The doctor sees a race of people who have come from several stages of evolution and have taken their place as the dominant species on Earth. Only he can interact with them and they view him as a time traveler who merely observes their lives, but cannot interact with them. Within the confines of the laboratory he finds all the food and water he needs to survive and his suit keeps him safe from environmental problems. The people he views live within a utopian part of the world cut off from the rest of the world. They cannot cross the ocean surrounding them, but live in a place of almost unlimited resources from the sea and a reversal of chemical properties that make ocean water drinkable. Even in the utopia they devolved into a savage state due to overcrowding and destroyed their own race. The computer in Australia picks up on the impulses sent through an underlying consciousness observing the Earth. While they believe the computer is saying the humans have died, it really states the death of the species on the island and the active hand it took in destroying the race.

Within the Hadron Collider they stumble onto the discovery of a possible singularity acting as a human reconciler. One of the methods the Tea Kettle hopes to use to recreate the human race comes through selecting specific individuals who died and using quantum computing and chemical reconfiguration bring those people back to life.

Bliss and Hicks make their way to Australia to exhume the data banks from the central console. Bliss manually begins to extract the data by running a circuit using a Turing machine to reconfigure the system. When exhuming the database they discover a pattern repeating through the memory. It sends out a certain rhythm matching the tune Lucy sings.

Shrodinger’s Cat- maintained by a small crew who have never been seen by any of the crew of Murphy’s Law. Crew members of ML joke that by having no contact with the ship they have already succeded in their job.

Maxwell’s Demon- A ship focusing on using the heat from different stars as a catalyst for inner dimensional travel.

Laplace’s Demon- A ship dedicated to finding an atomic rift suitable for passing through

Wigner’s Friend- The general relay ship capable of contacting all of the ships.

Occam’s Razor- The primary station supporting a little over one hundred people that analyzes all of the data sent in.

Turtles all the Way Down- A ship responsible for finding the ever expanding edges of the universe

Their overall efforts go to constructing a device called Russell’s Teakettle, a device capable of ensuring the survivors of Earth a way back to the Earth they lost. Along the way the crew of the Murphy’s Law as well as other ships, face the obstacles of space travel, the danger of theoretical math, agendas of others wanting to create their own perfect utopias in time, and the very results of what happens when the fabric of space and time comes apart.

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