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The Plights of Plums

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26 Re: The Plights of Plums on Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:06 am


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She smiled and allowed her head to bow in a curt manner. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Kitsune-san." she glanced toward Daikichi, her eyes sweeping over him and then toward the dog and monkey. She blinked and then allowed her eyes to shift from him toward a man with an eye patch. Curious as she was, she kept quiet and reserved until she was approached again, or if Kyo decided to speak to her.

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27 Re: The Plights of Plums on Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:17 pm

The Cowboy

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“I was raised as a Kitsune and being relaxed is something we enjoy. To be at one with the world is something a great many of us strive for but few ever achieve,” Shuzo said to the woman with a slight smile. He could tell from her disposition that she would not change her mind on the subject, which was not a bad thing. “It was a pleasure to speak with you,” glancing to his side he noticed the quick approach of Daikichi, the shugenja, and the other man, “but it appears that your captain is approaching.” Nodding his head to the woman he turned away from her is Daikichi took her to the side.

The man gave Shuzo a brief nod, which the archer returned closing his one visible eye, before returning his hands to his sleeves. Shuzo was not sure how to respond to that so he turned his attention to the Shugenja speaking to him. Bowing low, he responded, “It is an honor to be traveling with a shugenja such as yourself,” raising from his bow he continued, “though I do apologize for forgetting your name. We of the Kitsune Family place a great deal of respect in shugenja. Your being here will only make our success that much simpler.”

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28 Re: The Plights of Plums on Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:56 pm

Number 12

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The word “imperial” echoed at the fringe of Daikichi’s mind in Kyo’s voice, and suddenly he found himself a little offset. Could this be it? He was also here by proxy by imperial edict, so as long as he and his men did their jobs, there would be no reason for Kyo to find out anything he didn’t need to know. He straightened himself a little, his back still turned to the others.

As he turned to face them his crooked smile came plastered back on his face. Masaa rushed around the corner with the rowdy dog finally caught, and he could hear footsteps on the stairs behind them as more retainers came to join the tea party.

“Gentelmen, Lady, shall we take the pleasantries in and sit?”

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