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How to Write a Query Letter

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1 How to Write a Query Letter on Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:31 am

Bayushi Dave

Amateur Writer
The liaison between you and a potential publisher lies in how well you construct the letter between them and you.

Your information.

Address the top part of the letter with your contact information.

David Phillips
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Center it or keep it flush left, doesn't really matter all that much.

Addressing the letter.

You need to write out the full name and contact information of who you are addressing it to.

Mr. Wolfgang Baur
Kobold Quarterly
Dear Mr. Baur,

You should flush this against the left side of the page and put a space between it and your contact information as well as the body of your letter.

First paragraph

Get to what you plan on writing about. Give examples of any relevant information, but keep it concise as the letter won't go past a page.

Second paragraph

Let the publisher know how you plan on carrying this out. Whether you plan on using a series or a single article. The length of the article based on either the completed work, or what you feel the article could encompass should go here. The publisher will then tell you what the total word count will be.

Third paragraph

Outline the subject. Give all pertinent information and make it seem like you know everything about the subject. If you plan on any kind of mystery or twist, you need to tell them. If you do not, they will assume you don't have anything.

Do not write the query letter as though the publisher and your reader are the same person.

Finish it off with a "sincerely" and then your name.

Check in on Kobold Quarterly for query potential. They are putting things together for an October 1st deadline.


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