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Isawa Tyuki

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1Isawa Tyuki Empty Isawa Tyuki on Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:05 am


Amateur Writer
Name Isawa Tyuki

Insight 150

XP 11

Earth - 3
  • Stamina - 3
  • Willpower - 3

Air - 2
  • Reflexes - 2
  • Awareness - 2

Water - 3
  • Strength - 3
  • Perception - 3

Fire - 3
  • Agility - 3
  • Intelligence - 3

Void - 3

  • Courtier - 3
  • Performance (Citar) - 1
  • Spellcraft - 5
  • Meditation - 4
  • Medicine - 2
  • Lore (Theology) - 1
  • Lore (Spirit Realms) - 4
  • Stealth - 1
  • Jiujutsu - 2


Common (These spells are cast and can use any ring.)

  • Sense [Common] - This spell can be cast in any of the four standard elements. It allows the caster to sense the presence, quantity, and rough location of elemental spirits (not evil spirits known as kansen) of that element within the range of the spell. This is most frequently applied when looking for spirits with which to Commune*, but can also be useful as a crude, basic location device. (Example: Casing Sense (Water) while in the wilderness can possibly help locate drinking water.)
    • Ring/Mastery: 1
    • Range: Personal
    • AoE: 50; radius from the caster
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Raises: Range (+10')

  • Summon [Common] - This spell can be cast in any of the four standard elements. It allows the caster to summon a modest quantity (one cubic foot) of the chosen element. The summoned matter appears (usually in a rough ball shape) in any open space within the spell's range. This cannot place the summoned material inside another physical object or living creature. The summoned element will bejave in a normal and mundane matter - earth falls to the ground, water soaks anything it lands on, air blows away, and fire winks out unless there is something present for it to burn. In general, it is impossible to use this spell effectively in combat, although clever shugenja may find a few modest combat uses, such as using Summoning(Fire) to ignite a foe soaked in cooking oil. More commonly, the spell's value is in simpler functions, such as summoning water while in a desert, or summoning Fire to light a campfire without flint and tinder.
    Raises may be used with this spell to summon a more specific type of the appropriate element, such as wood or iron with Earth, or tea with Water. The GM should choose how
    many Raises (generally anywhere from 1 to 4) this requires. However, these Raises cannot be used to create rare/precious materials (such as gold) or spiritually powerful substances (such as jade or crystal).
    • Ring/Mastery: 1
    • Range: 30'
    • AoE: 1 cubic foot of summoned material
    • Duration: Permanent
    • Raises: Range (+10'), quantity (+1 cubic foot), composition of material (1-4 raises, as outlined above.)

  • Commune [Common] - This spell can be cast in any element save Void. It allows the caster to speak with one of the local elemental kami, asking it a few questions, which it will answer honestly to the best of it's ability. Typically this spell will invoke the most active and energetic spirit of the chosen element in the AoE; if all of the local spirits are quiescent, the GM may require the caster to call 1 or 2 Raises to "wake up" a local spirit enough to answer questions. The spirit reached with Commune will answer two questions. the caster may also raise to ask more questions. Caster may also Raise for Clarity, to get a more accurate and informattive answer to the questions.
    • Air spirits tend to be playful and easily distracted,
      conveying information as emotions or as riddles and
      jokes. Since they are more interested in feelings than
      in facts, and enjoy playing games with those who
      speak with them, communing with an Air spirit can
      sometimes be very frustrating.
    • Earth spirits are straightforward and matter-of-fact,
      often blunt, but are also often rather uninterested in
      the behavior of mortals, have a poor understanding
      of human emotion, and tend to be overly focused on
      obscure details such as the color of a piece of clothing
      or the weight of a horse.
    • Fire spirits are irritable and temperamental, and are
      often angry at being summoned unless they are propitiated
      with an offering of something to burn. On the
      other hand, if a shugenja can please them they tend
      to offer the clearest and most accurate information.
    • Water spirits communicate their knowledge through
      soundless visual images. This can be very helpful to
      a shugenja trying to investigate a past incident, but
      since the spirits cannot convey scent, sound, or emotion,
      the information they provide can often be incomplete
      or misleading.
      • Ring/Mastery: 1
      • Range: 20'
      • AoE: Self
      • Duration: Concentration
      • Raises: See Above


  • Near to Ice

    • Ring/Mastery: Water 3
    • Range: Touch
    • Area of Effect: One target individual
    • Duration: 5 rounds
    • Raises: Duration (+1 round), Range (increased to 10’
      with 2 Raises)

    As water grows durable and resistant with the coming winter, so too can the water within the human form become sterner and more durable. The target of this spell has all current Wound Penalties negated for the duration of the spell. Any additional penalties incurred take full effect, using the difference between the negated penalty and the new penalty as the effective penalty incurred. Wounds are not healed by this effect, they simply cease to inhibit those suffering from them.

  • Stand Against the Waves -
    • Ring/Mastery: Water 2 (Battle)
    • Range: 10’
    • Area of Effect: One target individual
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Raises: Range (10’ per 3 Raises)

    A samurai who possesses the speed and strength of the mighty river is a dangerous foe indeed. The target of this spell gains a Simple Action during the Reaction Stage of the current Combat Round. This action may only be used to make an attack. If the target is incapable of making an attack as a Simple Action, this spell grants him a Complex Action instead. This spell cannot award a Shugenja the ability to cast a second spell in the same Round.

  • Path to Inner Peace -
    • Ring/Mastery: Water 1
    • Range: Touch
    • Area of Effect: One target individual
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Raises: None

    The water kami can influence the flow of water through the body, dramatically hastening the natural healing process. You can use this spell to heal Wounds that another individual has suffered. This spell restores a number of Wounds to the target equal to the amount by which the Spell Casting Roll exceeded the spell’s TN to cast.

  • Ebbing Strength -
    • Ring/Mastery: Water 1 (Defense)
    • Range: 20’
    • Area of Effect: One target creature
    • Duration: 3 rounds
    • Raises: Duration (+1 round), Range (+5’)

    Energy flows through the universe just as water flows through the mortal shell. You may send your energy to another, weakening yourself and strengthening them in the process. You may reduce any one of your Physical Traits by an amount up to your School Rank. The target of this spell increases the same Physical Trait by the same amount. If your Trait is reduced to 0 as a result of this spell, you immediately fall unconscious and the spell’s duration is reduced to 1 round. No Trait may be enhanced above double its normal rank by this spell.

  • Reversal of Fortune -
    • Ring/Mastery: Water 1
    • Range: 10’
    • Area of Effect: One target individual
    • Duration: 3 rounds
    • Raises: Duration (+1 round), Range (+5’)

    Versatility is the domain of water, and those who carry its blessing reap the rewards. For the duration of this spell, the target may immediately re-roll any one roll per round. This must be done immediately after the first roll is completed, and the target may keep either result.


  • Drink of your Essence -
    • Ring/Mastery: Void 2
    • Range: 30’
    • Area of Effect: One target individual
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Raises: Range (+5’)

    As an ishiken grows more powerful, he can gain more information from examining an individual’s pattern within the Void. You learn a great deal of information about the target of this spell, including his individual Rings (but not Traits), his current Wound penalties, and a one word summation of his present mood (“hostile,” “sorrowful,” “confused,” etc.).

  • Boundless Sight -
    • Ring/Mastery: Void 1
    • Range: 50 miles
    • Area of Effect: Self
    • Duration: 4 rounds
    • Raises: Duration (+1 round), Range (+5 miles)

    The most essential lesson of the ishiken is that all is linked through the Void, and through the Void all can be perceived. By focusing your energy, you can look through the veil and see another location as if you were standing there. This location must be familiar to you, and you must have been there at least once before. For the duration of the spell, you can see and hear all that transpires in the other location, but you may not be detected and you may not interact with things or individuals there in any way. During this spell, your body is in a trance-like state that leaves you highly vulnerable to attack (your Armor TN is reduced to 5).

  • Witness the Untold -
    • Ring/Mastery: Void 1 (Divination)
    • Range: 15’
    • Area of Effect: One target individual
    • Duration: 3 rounds
    • Raises: Range (+5’)

    It is possible to gain fl eeting glimpses of things that have not yet happened by peering through the Void. If you are delaying your action, you may interrupt the target of this spell after he has declared his action but before he has taken his action when his Turn comes up. This may be done during each Round for the duration of the spell. (Normally someone delaying their Action cannot interrupt the Action of another participant.)


  • The Wolf's Mercy

    • Ring/Mastery: Earth 3
    • Range: 50’
    • Area of Effect: One target creature
    • Duration: 10 rounds
    • Raises: Range (+10’), Targets (+1)

    This spell has existed in Rokugan for centuries, but is best known for its extensive use by Toturi Sezaru, “the Wolf,” who employed it during his hunts for Bloodspeakers. It calls on the power of the Earth to afflict the target, weighing down his body and impeding his muscles, leaving him weak and vulnerable. The target’s Earth Ring is lowered by 1 Rank, and his Wound Ranks are reduced correspondingly for the duration
    of the spell. (This can potentially kill him immediately if he has already suffered Wounds.) In addition, his Strength Rank is also lowered by 1 for the same duration. If the target has at least one full Rank of Shadowlands Taint, the Earth spirits will
    be fi lled with wrath, and punish him more severely, lowering his Earth Ring by 2 Ranks (to a minimum of 1).

  • Jurojin's Balm -
    • Ring/Mastery: Earth 1
    • Range: Touch
    • Area of Effect: One target
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Raises: Duration (+1/2 hour), Targets (+1 per 2 Raises,
      maximum of 5 total targets)

    This spell fills the target’s body with the purity and vigor of Earth, driving out poisons and impurities. If the target suffers the effects of any poison or toxin within the duration of the spell, or is already under the effects of a poison when the spell targets him, he may re-roll any failed Stamina roll to resist the poison, with a bonus of +2k0 to the second roll. (However, if the second roll is also failed, the poison has full effect.)An interesting side-effect of this spell is that it also cures drunkenness and other such effects, and it is impossible for the target to become intoxicated during the spell’s duration.


  • Ravenous Swarms

    • Ring/Mastery: Fire 3
    • Range: 30’
    • Area of Effect: One target person
    • Duration: 5 Rounds
    • Raises: Duration (+1 Round)

    A more powerful and sophisticated form of the prayer which invokes the Fires From Within, this spell not only damages the target but also disrupts his own attempts to invoke the Fire kami, making it a very effective weapon against a rival Fire shugenja. You summon forth a bolt of fl ames that streaks toward the target with wild abandon. The fl ames deal 4k3 Wounds on impact and then encircle the opponent for the
    duration of the spell, waiting for him to make a mistake. If the target casts any Fire spell during that time, the Fire kami instantly strike, dealing 3k3 extra Wounds and causing the Spell Casting Roll to automatically fail. (The target loses the
    appropriate spell slot as usual.)

  • The Fires From Within -
    • Ring/Mastery: Fire 2
    • Range: 100’
    • Area of Effect: One target
    • Duration: Instantaneous
    • Raises: Target (+1 target per two Raises)

    Probably the most widely known and recognized offensive spell in the element of Fire, this prayer has been in use by Rokugani shugenja since the very earliest days of the Empire. You summon Fire kami to form an orb of flame that hovers in your palm for a moment before streaking toward the target. The sphere gains momentum and size until it hits its target, making it quite spectacular visually. The spell has a DR equal to your Fire Ring.

  • Never Alone -
    • Ring/Mastery: Fire 1
    • Range: Touch
    • Area of Effect: One target
    • Duration: 5 Rounds (see below)
    • Raises: Targets (+1)

    This spell invokes Fire’s element of knowledge and understanding, strengthening the spirit of one of your allies by opening his eyes to the courage of his ancestors. The target of the spell receives a bonus to all attack rolls, Skill rolls, and Trait Rolls equal to your Fire Ring. This effect lasts until either the spell expires, or until the target fails an attack roll or Skill Roll, or until the target suffers Wounds from any source, whichever comes first.

  • Allies [Social] - You have carefully nurtured social connections. Some of those in our web of connections would go to great lengths to protect you, while others have considerable resources. And some precious few are both. The total cost of this Advantage is determined by how many points you spend on your ally's degree of influence and their devotion to you.

  • Ishiken-do [Spiritual] - You have that rarest of gifts, the ability to commune with the Void itself. This gift is similar in many respects to the ability to speak to the kami, save that there are no naturally occurring kami of the Void; the void itself is a living think, both everything and nothing all at once. You may cast Void spells.

  • Elemental Blessing [Spiritual] - You are much beloved by the kami of a particular element, although you know not why that might be. (As a result, the cost of increasing the Traits associated with one particular Ring, chosen when this Advantage is purchased, is decreased by 1. (Example: Choosing Earth when you purchase this Advantage, the cost of increasing Stamina and Willpower is reduced by 1 XP every time you increase them. Void cannot be chosen.)

  • Bitter Betrothal [Social] - You have been promised to another; but in Tyuki's case, she basically left him in the dust to go on an epic adventure of her own.

  • Soft Hearted -

  • Black Sheep [Social] - For whatever reason, your family is completely disgusted with you and your actions. (Resulted because Tyuki left her betrothed Dragon possibly at the alter.)

  • Touch of the Void [Spiritual] - YOu have been touched by the essence of the Void, and it has forever damaged your mind. Whenever you draw upon the Void, the effect is powerful, but can overwhelm you. When you spend a Void Point to augment a roll, you gain a bonus of +2k1 instead of +1k1. Every time you spend a Void Point, however, you must succeed at a Willpower Trait Roll (TN 30) or be Dazed for one round.

Extravagant Kimonos and Yukatas (Roughly 4-5 of each)
Gorgeous hair ornaments and jewelry (Netsuke)
2 Fans for pleasurable recreation
2 pairs of sandals
Medicine Kit
Chopsticks (eating)
Sake cup
Furoshiki sack (For carrying her smaller things with her)
Coin Purse
Traveling Cloak
Makeup kit

Childhood for Tyuki was average; full of discipline and structured parenting. Her mother, Isawa Yuki, and father, Isawa Zhu, taught her how to be the perfect girl. Sent her to the proper schools, gave her what she needed, not what she wanted. Tyuki can remember learning how to fish when she was younger, jut by watching people at the docks. She had never tried it, but maybe one day she could learn for herself. Living in a house where it's drilled into your head never to lie, and never to dishonor your family, made it a sticky situation for Tyuki. Especially when she grew a little older.

She had graduated, or at least passed, to become a 'legal' Shugenja within the Phoenix Clan. Her parents couldn't have been any more excited. So, to celebrate, they finally clued Tyuki in on her arranged marriage. She had a feeling her marriage would be arranged; it was typical tradition for her family. She was not happy, though; and with her teachings of never to lie, she let her parents know flat out that she was not marrying the man, no matter how nice he was, and had no desire to ever meet him. Then, with the flip of a switch, Tyuki was no longer allowed within her family's house. She wasn't exiled, but she not longer welcome due to how much 'dishonor' she had cast upon her family by denying the betrothal.

She was able to, at least, pack her bags before she made her way out of the Phoenix Clan region to venture with a band of Yojimbo toward Second City. That was where her story would expand, and she would write her own destiny.

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