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Nathan was, indeed, dead. It's a morbid way to start a story, i know, but it's how Nathan's story begins. He died in a fatal car accident, though no one had actually been in the car, it had simply slipped off the tow truck, straight into where Nathan was standing, knocking him off the bridge and down into the rocky waters below. That's enough about Nathan, even though this is his story, it's not actually about him, or rather, who he was.

When Nathan reached the afterlife, he realised something immediately, it was not at all what it was fictionalised to be. It wasn't all fluffy clouds and pearly gates while George Washington and Jimmy Hendrix play chess, but nor was it red fiery brimstone with torture equipment and molten rock popping out of every orafice. In actuality it was peaceful, but eerily creepy at the same time, as far as the eye could see there was a grassy plain, with the occasional hill here and there. The eerily creepy part came in the fact that everything was in black and white, like someone had put a permanent greyscale filter over everything.

A few meters from where Nathan stood there were several desks, each housing a various assortment of office equipment, like a little off-site office in the middle of nowhere. Nathan was strangely okay with this, almost like he had expected everything. At behind each desk sat a humanoid-like figure in a long dark trench coat. One of the "things" came towards Nathan, up close you could clearly see that the "things" were skeletons, or at least they looked like them. "'Ello Nathan" said the skeleton that had walked up to him, in what Nathan recognised as a cockney accent.
"Um, hi?" Replied Nathan, not quite sure what to say, or even do for that matter.
"I bet you're wondering' where you are, aren't ya?" Nathan just nodded, still completely unsure what to do. The skeleton stayed still "Well come on then boy, I don't have all day " The skeleton complained, chuckling slightly at his joke of not having all day.
"Umm, yes, I'd like to know where I am" Nathan spoke, not quite sure why the skeleton didn't respond to the nod.
"Well you're in the land of the dead m'boy! The underworld, the afterlife, whatever you want to call it." The skeleton explained cheerily,
"Oh, i see," said Nathan.
"You seem to be taking this rather well, most people are all "Oh lord, the afterlife! Why does it look like this? What about my family? Why do you have no face?"" The skeleton imitated a particularly high pitched voice. Nathan payed no attention, at least, he seemed not to.
"Woah, tough crowd" the skeleton mumbled "Well, I guess I should send you on your way then. Do you have any preference on what you want to be called?" Asked the skeleton
"My name doesn't carry over?" Nathan questioned
"It can if you want it too" the skeleton shrugged "So, Nathan then?"
"Yes, i think I'll stick with it, I've grown rather fond of the name
"Okay, Nathan it is then," the skeleton held out a clipboard with a pen tied to it. "Sign here please."

Nathan reached for the pen; that's when he realised that he no longer had a hand. Where his hand was supposed to be we're a million particles of white light, floating in the rough area of where his hand would be, as he focused the hand got clearer and more detailed, when he stopped it would explode back into particles again. Nathan must have been studying his hand for quite a while because the skeleton coughed for attention, which I can assure you is very hard for a skeleton. Nathan turned to the skeleton and his hand exploded into a million pieces, the skeleton gestured to the clipboard and Nathan took the pen in his hand. "That's your soul" the skeleton explained "Your souls living embodiment that is, taking shape and contorting to your will" he said with a wistful longing. Nathan finished signing and the skeleton took the clipboard. "Well, good luck" the skeleton said, walking back towards his desk.
"WAIT!" Nathan called out, getting the skeletons attention "What do I do now?" He asked, the skeleton laughed dryly "Whatever you think you can do, you aren't limited by life's restraints any more," and with those words, he was gone, the skeleton, the desks and all the stuff on them, like they never even existed. Nathan was now alone, he took a deep breath and headed off, walking out into the open plains.

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