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Mirumoto Wenbo

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1Mirumoto Wenbo Empty Mirumoto Wenbo on Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:10 am

Long Dong Silver

Long Dong Silver
Amateur Writer
Name: Mirumoto Wenbo

H:5.5 G:0.5 S:1


Earth - 3
Stamina - 3
Willpower - 3

Air - 2
Reflexes - 2
Awareness - 2

Water - 2
Strength - 2
Perception - 2

Fire - 2
Agility - 3
Intelligence - 2

Void - 3

RANK 1: Aligned With the Elements
Students of the Taoist Swordsman school spend their days
in the rugged mountains of the Dragon lands, enduring the
harsh elements with little clothing and no armor, learning
the ways of the sword in complete selflessness. When
wielding a sword and wearing no armor, you gain
Reduction equal to your School Rank +2. Addition-ally, you add +1k0 to your damage with any


Class Skills
Kenjutsu - 3 (+1k0 damage)
Defense - 1
Iaijutsu - 3 (ready katana free action)
Athletics - 2
Meditation - 2
Lore: Theology - 1
Jiujutsu - 1

Non Class
Etiquette - 2
Sincerity - 1

Katana AR 6k3 DR 7k2
Wakizashi AR 6k3 DR 5k2

Armor TN

Base - 15
Armor - 0
Reduction - 3

Healthy (+0) - 0/15
Nicked (+0) - 0/6
Grazed (+2) - 0/6
Hurt (+7) - 0/6
Injured (+13) - 0/6
Crippled (+17) - 0/6
Down (+37) - 0/6
Out - 0/6
57 HP

Quick Healer [PHYSICAL]
Your body mends incredibly quickly, allowing you to recover from even devastating wounds with amazing speed. For the purposes of recovering Wounds, your Stamina is considered to be two ranks higher.

Balance [MENTAL]
You possess an inherent calm and serenity that others have
difficulty overcoming when attempting to antagonize or taunt
you, and that strengthens you when your honor is tested.
When adding your Honor Rank to the total of any roll made
to resist Intimidation or Temptation, you add an additional
+1k0 to the roll as well

Strength of the Earth [PHYSICAL]
In your soul can be found the spirit of the mountains and
the strength of stone. You can overcome injuries that would
cripple other men. The TN penalties you suffer from Wound
Ranks are reduced by 3.

Ascetic [MENTAL]
You have no taste for or interest in material things, and this minimalist attitude has impacted how others view you. Your School Outfit includes only weapons, armor, clothing, necessary tools of the trade for your profession (such as a scroll satchel for shugenja), and nothing else. Any time you would be awarded Glory as a result of your actions, you receive only half the normal amount. Coupled with the normal restriction for Monks in gaining Glory, ascetic monk characters would only gain one quarter the normal amount of Glory.

Sworn Enemy (Kharmic Nemesis) [SOCIAL]
You have earned an enemy, one who will stop at nothing
to see you defeated or even killed. The basic version of this Advantage assumes that your enemy is of equal Insight Rank. For each Insight Rank above yours your enemy possesses, increase the value of this Disadvantage by 1. For 2 additional points, the enemy becomes your kharmic nemesis, and you may not spend Void Points when opposing him or her in any situation.

Gullible [MENTAL]
Your trust is given easily and you place tremendous faith in
those whom you trust, unfortunately making it very simple
for others to take advantage of your naïve nature. Opponents
attempting to use Sincerity (Deceit) against you gain a bonus
of +1k1 to the total of their rolls.

Soft-Hearted [MENTAL]
Human life is precious to you, so much so that you have
diffi culty executing the basic duty of the samurai caste: to kill. When faced with the opportunity to kill another human being, you must succeed at a Willpower Trait Roll (TN 20),
or you are unable to do so. If you do kill another, the TNs
of all your rolls are increased by +10 for one day as you are
wracked with guilt.

Sturdy Clothing
Traveling Pack
Bottle of Water

Jùn (stray dog)

0 koku

idk lol

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