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Kakita Makoto

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Amateur Writer
Kakita Makoto

Kakita Makoto 2mwlg0

185 Honor: 4.5 Glory: 4 Status: 1
Earth: 3
  • Stamina 3
  • Willpower 3
Air: 3
  • Reflexes 4
  • Awareness 3
Water: 3
  • Strength 3
  • Perception 3
Fire: 3
  • Agility 4
  • Intelligence 3
Void: 3

Initiative: 7k4
  • Katana
    • DR - 4k2
    • ATK Roll - 9k4
    • DMG Roll - 8k2
  • Wakizashi
    • DR - 2k2
    • ATK Roll - 9k4
    • DMG Roll - 6k2
    • Range - 20'
    • ATK Roll - 9k4
Armor TN
  • Base - 25
  • Armor - 5
  • Reduction - 3
  • Current - 30
  • Healthy (+0) - 0/15
  • Nicked (+3) - 0/6
  • Grazed (+5) - 0/6
  • Hurt (+10) - 0/6
  • Injured (+15) - 0/6
  • Crippled (+20) - 0/6
  • Down (+40) - 0/6
  • Out - 0/6
57 HP

Kenjutsu (Katana) - LVL 5 - Agility - (+1k0 to all damage rolls made with a sword, readying a sword is a Free Action)
Etiquette - LVL 3 - Awareness (Gain +3 Insight bonus)
Sincerity - LVL 4 - Awareness
Lore (Heraldry) - LVL 2 - Intelligence
Hunting - LVL 3 - Perception
Defense - LVL 3 - Reflexes - (Keep Defense/Reflexes roll for subsequent rounds in Full Defense stance)
Iaijutsu - LVL 5 - Reflexes - (Readying a katana is a Free Action)
Meditation - LVL 3 - Void - (Restore up to 2 Void Points)
Tea Ceremony LVL 5 - Void - (All participants regain 2 Void Points instead of 1)

  • Different School
    • Your family sacrificed considerable resources and favors in order to sponsor your entrance into the School of another Clan. When creating your character, you may select a School of a different Clan to attend. You are still a member of your own Clan, however, creating a potential conflict between your loyalty to your sensei and your loyalty to your lord and family.
  • Sacred Weapon (Kakita Blade)
    • You possess a special weapon created by the master weaponsmiths of your Clan, and considered to be an icon of all who bear the mon of your Clan. The cost of each individual weapon is denoted by the number after its name. - Kakita Blade: 4k2 katana, may reroll damage once per Iaijutsu duel.
  • Great Potential (Kenjutsu)
    • Within you lies the potential to excel at one particular endeavour, perhaps more so than any other living soul in the Empire. Select any one Skill when you purchase this Advantage. When you make Raises on a Skill Roll using that Skill, your Raises are limited by your rank in that Skill instead of your Void Ring. If your Void Ring is higher, however, you may use that as a measure for your Raises if you so choose.
  • Allies
    • You have carefully nurtured social connections. Some of those in your web of connections would go to great lengths to protect you, while others have considerable resources. And some precious few are both. The total cost of this Advantage is determined by how many points you spend on your all's degree of influence and their devotion to you. Crane characters may purchase this Advantage for 1 point less than its normal cost.
    • Karasu The Kenku, Sensei. He has Moderate political influence as a rare spirit and he would risk his honour to "help" (Sometimes instruct) his student
  • Disbeliever
    • You have experienced a dramatic revelation that has shattered your faith in Rokugani theology. Perhaps you believe that the Fortunes have no interest in mankind, or perhaps you have come to believe that the Tao of Shinsei holds nothing but empty promises. If your disbelief were made public knowledge, you would be shunned by all properly pious individuals everywhere, and any memberships you possess in temples or monastic orders would be instantly revoked. Your lack of piety makes you uncomfortable around shugenja and monks, and any Social Skill Rolls made with them have their TN increased by +5.
  • Dark Secret
    • You possess some horrific secret that could lead not only to your ruination, but perhaps others in your family as well. It may be something terrible you have learned about your family that you alone know (if a venerated ancestor was secretly a dishonorable buffoon), or something you personally have done (you may be a member of the Kolat or Gozoku). If your secret is exposed, you may be required to commit seppuku or possibly even be executed. This Disadvantage is worth 5 points to ninja characters.
  • Black Sheep
    • For whatever reason, your family is completely disgusted with you and your actions. You have not been cast out and made ronin, but you are no longer welcome in your own household. You may only maintain proper relations with any member of your family via the Allies Advantage, and if you attend one of your own family's Schools, you may not advance in School Rank without going to great lengths to find a willing teacher.

The Kenku Swordsman School
  • Wing of Thunder - The kenku bushi has learned to harness the speed of the wind itself, and can draw that element into himself. You may add the total of your Reflexes and School Rank to your Armor TN against any enemy with lower Initiative.
  • Heaven's Claw - The bushi has tapped the power of the thunderbolt, striking hard at his enemy‚Äôs weaknesses. Any time you inflict more than 10 points of damage with a single attack, your opponent loses one Void Point. Against opponents with no Void Points remaining (or no Void), you may instead re-roll a single damage die and take the better of the two results.
  • Lightning Kiss -The kenku bushi has captured the swift fury of lightning. You may attack as a Simple Action while using any melee weapon in which you possess a Skill Emphasis.

Light Armor
  • Blanket
  • Flint and Tinder
  • Lantern
  • Small Hand Mirror
  • Small Tent
  • Spare Kimono and Sandals
  • Tea Set
  • Week's Rations
  • Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat
  • Pillow Book
3 Koku


Makoto's story begins with his Grandfather, Kakita Yutaka, a Bushi serving during the War of the Spirits. A nasty Crane engagement left him separated from his unit and using local knowledge to slip through some valleys undetected. It was here he discovered an ancient and private place, the home of Kenku Karasu. Karasu was locked in a tense Iaijitsu duel to the death with one of his ex-Students, a Kakita. Yutaka would later discover the man had attempted to teach the Kenku's techniques and was cut down by his Sensei for such hubris. He used his return to the realm of the living to enact revenge.

Yutaka respected both his ancestor spirit and the great swordsman Karasu. He waited until they struck, moving as fast as lightning; Metal clanged against metal and in one swift strike the Kakita laid dead. Karasu had been gravely injured however and if Yutaka had not helped him into his small home and tended to his wounds, the Kenku would have simply passed on like so many of it's brothers and sisters since the City of Night. Karasu was very grateful. It owed the mortal a debt and asked what Yutaka would like in return for such kindness. Yutaka thought of his young son Takeo, imagining him as a great Iaijitsu duelist for the Crane Clan. He expressed the desire for his son to learn from Karasu and the Kenku frowned.

"I teach only the great," He warned. "And if Takeo does not hold the potential for greatness I shall offer an alternative. For every child you have and for every child they have I shall visit on their seventh birthday. I will select one, eventually." Yutaka thought about this and then finally agreed.

Takeo did not prove to hold greatness. In fact, Karasu did nothing more but frown at the child when he was well enough to travel again. This created a great bitterness in Makoto's father, even as his grandfather proved to be in good standing with the Crane clan. The family was awarded a small village holding and Yutaka was even given a great Kakita Katana. He however died before he saw Grandchildren. Takeo took over the running of the village and proved to be a less effective lord. He was a drunk womanising fool and inspired revolution with brutality during hard months. Through some miracle he married a demure woman and fathered twins, who grew up quietly and fearfully of their father.

On Makoto's seventh birthday, starved Peasants and Ronin tore apart Takeo's holding, killed his wife and executing Makoto's twin. They would have killed him if Karasu had not arrived, striking down many and slaughtering even more. The young Kakita collected only one thing before he was spirited away by the Kenku; His grandfather's Katana. He remained within the hidden valley Yutaka had once visited, believed to be dead by many in the Crane. Karasu chose to teach the child, though he never quite revealed why. The two remained within the familiar walls of the valley until Makoto's gempukku. Then they roamed Rokugan for a while as Monk and Ronin student before he was returned to the Kakita family under Karasu's orders.

Viewed with suspicion and ordered never to reveal the terrible shame of his Father's disgrace, the Crane are now attempting to place Makoto in a situation that will test his mettle and prove whether he should be accepted back at all. Many still judge him by his Father's action.

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