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Matsu Ayano

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1Matsu Ayano Empty Matsu Ayano on Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:19 pm

The Cowboy

The Cowboy
Amateur Writer
Matsu Ayano Matsu_zpsfe0783a5

Matsu Ayano

Insight: 192 Honor: 6.5 Glory: 1 Status: 1

Earth: 4
Stamina 4
Willpower 4
Air: 4
Reflexes 4
Awareness 4
Water: 3
Strength 3
Perception 3
Fire: 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 3
Void: 3

Initiative: 7k4
DR - 3k2
ATK Roll - 7k3
DMG Roll - 6k2

Beastmaster’s Claws
DR - 0k2
ATK Roll - 9k3
DMG Roll - 3k2

DR - 2k2
ATK Roll - 6k3
DMG Roll - 3k1
Range - 20'
ATK Roll - 9k4
Armor TN
Base – 25
Armor – 5
Reduction – 3
Current - 30
Healthy (+0) - 0/20
Nicked (+0) - 0/8
Grazed (+2) - 0/8
Hurt (+7) - 0/8
Injured (+12) - 0/8
Crippled (+17) - 0/8
Down (+37) - 0/8
Out - 0/8
76 HP

Animal Handling – LVL 5 – Awareness
Battle – LVL 3 – Perception
Defense – LVL 1 – Reflexes
Iaijutsu – LVL 2 – Reflexes
Kenjutsu – LVL 1 – Agility
Knives – LVL 5 - Agility
Athletics – LVL 2 - Agility
Games: Shogi – LVL 1 – Intelligence
Lore: Heraldry – LVL 1 – Intelligence
Lore: War – LVL 1 – Intelligence
Medicine – LVL 1 – Intelligence

Strength of the Earth – In your soul can be found the spirit of the mountains and the strength of stone. You can overcome injuries that would cripple other men. The TN penalties you suffer from Wound Ranks are reduced by 3. Bushi characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

Prodigy – You are a marvel of the dojo, and your sensei believes that you will accomplish incredible things in your lifetime. Whenever you make a School Skill roll, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the roll.

Virtuous – You embrace the virtue in your every thought and action. You possess one additional rank of Honor above your normal starting value (as determined by your School).

Bad Fortune - Secret Love – Somewhere, someone is madly in love with you, and will go to any length to sabotage your romantic interest, even politically arranged marriages, in order to ensure that you remain available, for them.

Brash – You have a notoriously short temper and are likely to answer anything you perceive as a threat with steel. If you are threatened or insulted, you must make a Willpower Trait roll (adding your Honor Rank to the total) at a TN of 25, or you will attack immediately. This disadvantage is worth 4 to Lion characters.

Heartless – You have a heart of stone. Attempts to woo or sway your heart – whether though love, courtesy, compassion or mercy – fall on deaf ears. You gain a +1k0 bonus to rolls made to resist any Courtiers, Sincerity or Temptations rolls made for the purpose of persuading you, seducing you, or otherwise changing your mind.

One With the Pride – You have trained in the highly secretive dojo of the Matsu Beastmasters and have forged a bond with one of the legendary lion warcats. The lion will accompany you wherever you go and follows basic commands without question. No lion will ever attack you without being compelled to do so in some way. You may direct one of your warcats to Attack as a Complex Action. Any one warcat who is not attacking will use the Guard Action to protect you.

Heart of the Beast – Your training with the warcatshas increased your physical abilities as well as your mental bond with your lions. An additional lion joins your pride. You and your companion lions gain the creature trait of Swift 2 (as described in the L5R 4th Edition core rules, page 320), and all of your lions gain an additional Wound Rank that changes the end of his progression from normal lion’s to: 36 +15, 60: Dead.

The Ferocity Within – You strike as fiercely as the lions with whom you have trained. When wielding a katana, wakizashi, magari-yari, nage-yari, or any knife, or when fighting unarmed, you may make melee attacks as a Simple Action. Additionally, you may direct one of your warcats to Attack as a Simple Action.

Light Armor
Sturdy Clothing
Beastmaster’s Claws
- Bottle of Shochu
- Fan
- Grapple Hook
- Lantern
- Makeup Kit
- Miniature Shogi Set
- Sake Cup
- Small Hand Mirror
- Small Knife
- Tatami Mat
4 Koku

Gekido, Senso and Gyakusatsu

Earth: 4
Stamina 4
Willpower 4
Air: 2
Reflexes 3
Awareness 2
Water: 3
Strength 6
Perception 3
Fire: 1
Agility 3
Intelligence 1

Initiative 4k3
ATK Roll 5k3(Simple)
DMG Roll 4k3

ATK Roll 6k3(Complex)
DMG Roll 4k4

Reduction 3

Hunting 3
Stealth 3

Special Abilities
Swift 2
Fear 1

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