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discussion about RPs with my samubros

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1 discussion about RPs with my samubros on Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:24 am

Number 12

Number 12
Amateur Writer
so i had the idea to do a freeform rp thread set in rokugan where we can just kinda stretch our legs and do some samurais when we want to

i think the thing that failed about the last one was that we were too precise with the setting and the timeframe and we didn’t leave any room for conflict to build since our characters were going through the conflict in the game and leaving none for us to rp through in the thread which made it stagnant and left it feeling very vain

but i know a few people have characters that they want to adventure with that aren’t necessarily tied down by our current canon, and i’d like to see if you guys would be interested in getting something cooked up for us to roleplay together using some of the stuff we’ve been through as a group as a backdrop the matter is picking a setting

i’m not entirely attached to the idea to where i’m unwilling to hear other suggestions, but i think Ruyua’s Peak is a great central location for us to focus in on; it’s right out on the frontier amidst the spider, invandi refugees seeking a place to live, and wayward patrols of yodotai, it’s a city that’s never been occupied by rokugani until Kyo moved in, so it’s bound to hold lots of interesting secrets, and all of our hooks are buried nice and deep into it

other places to consider?

Plumtree Village
Second City (remember the ivory tower that Yoichi bought rooms in?)
or we could go to a place inside the confines of Rokugan
we could even make a whole new place and work on and design it together to suit our needs

what are your guy’s thoughts and opinions on this? would you even want to keep up a roleplay thread from time to time? I’m thinking i want there to be a relaxed quality to it, to where people can bring in new characters and develop them how they wish without having to feel tied to just one, unless that happened to be their poison

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