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Letters to Kyo

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1Letters to Kyo Empty Letters to Kyo on Thu May 30, 2013 8:04 pm


Amateur Writer

it has been three long weeks. Your previous letter was wonderful,
and I am glad Ruyua's Peak is doing so wonderfully.
I hope the Sakura trees bloom full, and bring
your beautiful garden to life. I know you must find
pleasure laying down your sword to retire and live a
life without woes and sorrows. I, however, am in distress.
Shiba Yuma has kept me company, for she is also nearing
retirement.. and this, keeping me company,
is how she'll spend her last days, I think.

But on to more important things!

My trial is tomorrow, and I worry things will
end badly. I just don't understand why they
have to make things so complicated. A lot of this
is being exaggerated! I helped save a lot of lives,
so am I really in so much trouble for skipping out
on a wedding? I know, dishonor on my family..
but I cannot marry for selfish family reasons..
I want to marry for love. Yeah yeah, you can
scold me later.. I can see your face now,
Kyo-sama! All pouty, and disapproving.

I just cannot be bothered to care, though!
You're pouty face will not get me this time,
because I cannot see it through a letter!

But... I am nervous to see Daikichi-sama,
and Yoichi-san. Ryoza-chan will be there,
too. I'm so nervous! I wish you could be here,
Kyo-otosan.. I really do.

I wish to see a letter from you soon.

Isawa Tyuki

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2Letters to Kyo Empty Re: Letters to Kyo on Thu May 30, 2013 10:07 pm


Amateur Writer

today was my trial. I was a vision unlike any other!
I wore the red kimono with purple flowers and gold trim
you sent me. It really added contrast to my skin,
eyes, and hair. Ruyua must have helped you pick it out!

Please tell her I am very grateful..

but, I must continue on with the happenings
of trial!

As I stood with the Tribunal, I waited while
Yoichi and Daikichi spoke well of me. I was a
bit surprised by how noble and honorable
Yoichi made me out to be... I was honestly, no, certain
he would speak ill of me, what with his depiction of me in his
novel. I'm sure you've read it, and if not, I will have a copy
sent your way as soon as possible.

Daikichi spoke well of me, too, of course. I could never
imagine him speaking ill of me. Especially the times
I brought him from the grasp of death...

I wish you would have been there, Otosan. It breaks
my heart to have not seen your face...
[ There's a few tear stains on the paper here, and the ink is smudged. ]
[ The ink is now cleaner, and the strokes seem more happy. ]
But I am sure you are doing well, and will write to me
when you find the time.

Isawa Tyuki

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3Letters to Kyo Empty Re: Letters to Kyo on Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:22 am

Number 12

Number 12
Amateur Writer

I once spied Isawa-san writing a letter to you, so I asked her to enclose some words of my own. It has been a long while, brother. And let it said that the group is listless without your quiet wisdom. My cousin seems twice as lost without someone to argue with. He has taken a new companion, cheerful, but nothing more than a yesman. Yet he works for that sea-witch. Since luck has brought Yoichi and I back together, I have made the commitment to keep him close incase he tries to contact his mother. I can’t let her movements slip through my fingers. Before this ronin yojimbo joined us I had every confidence that I’d be able to remove Shih from ningen-do once and forever, but now that he is here I have yet one more thing to dampen my brow if she ever rears her toad-like head.

There are others who have joined us as well. Matsu-san and Shosuro-san. There could not be two people I’d place further apart. if Shosuro-san proves to be helpful, I may be able to convince him to help me track Shih. And Matsu-san, well reminds me of Shuzo and his tigers. Only this time with lions. Daigotsu-san is the last of us. More amicable than the last Daigotsu-san, but I sense a short temper. Hopefully we can keep him in a lax and unhasty mood.

Lastly, Yoichi would probably relish a game of letters with you. If you find the time to reply, I’ll make sure to hand off a letter to him.

I bid you fare well,
Letters to Kyo 2zr182r

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4Letters to Kyo Empty Re: Letters to Kyo on Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:41 pm

Long Dong Silver

Long Dong Silver
Amateur Writer
Dearest Kyo,

How are you, my old friend? Don't bother answering that yet. Have you had a chance to read my wife's novel? Gripping, really. I'm sure you have, but I have included another copy with this letter along with its sequel. The second covers my more recent adventures in yobanjin territory. It is much shorter and ends on a cliffhanger, but I am sure you will cherish it all the same.

However, I did not write this letter to ask how you are doing. Let me start by telling you of the ronin; that seems like the best place to start. I promise this all has a point, as you know I am not one to waste words. It was two weeks ago now that I encountered him. He came to me looking for a highly contraband powder that an honorable samurai such as I would never sully his hands with. I steered him back onto an honorable path and sent him on his way, but not before I was shown a demonstration of his skill, and what a skilled shot he was! Very rare to find a rokigani possessing such talent with foreign weaponry. I knew that someday I might need to call upon his services; I just did not know that day would come so soon! Which brings me to my next point.

As you have surely heard from Tyuki-hime, I have experienced bizarre dreams which I have called upon her aide in interpreting. You may have also heard that they recently stopped rather abruptly. That was a lie told to spare both my reputation and fragile Tyuki-hime from this horror. For you see I have come to a cold and crushing realization that they are not blessed gifts of foresight given to me by the fortunes as I originally thought. The fortunes would not burden any man with the visions that have been haunting my sleep. Visions of spiders and slow suffocation. I know now what these visions mean for me and everyone else that ever walked under the banner of the plumtree, most urgently of all, you, Kyo-san. Do you remember the witch Hoshi? I fear she has found a way to enter my dreams to taunt me with glimpses of her plans for you and the rest of ruyua's peak, and from there she will move on to Shuzo, Daikichi, Tyuki, and even my wife. If I am right, we have very little time before she and her new master begin their work. If I am wrong, I am insane. If that is the case, it would certainly explain why I feel any concern for your wellbeing.

And now we are back to the Ronin and his unique weapon. Hoshi has dark magics on her side, but we have progress on ours. It has come to my attention that the properties of his weapon make it very difficult to heal, even by magic means. This makes him the ideal candidate to be your yojimbo until I can arrive and finally put a stop to this. He seems to bear a grudge against you clan, but I am paying him double to keep that in check. Appreciate that. He will arrive with this letter long before I do, but trust that I will be there as soon as I handle this treason trial. (single handedly save a few tribes of gaijin and all of rokugan from daidoji war criminals and their guerilla diplomacy not once but twice and they call you a traitor. ha!) Then I have a family matter that also concerns the damned spider clan. But fear not, dear Kyo, Old Yoichi-san will arrive to save the day at the most dramatically appropriate time.

-dictated, but not read

Yoritomo Yoichi

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5Letters to Kyo Empty Re: Letters to Kyo on Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:18 pm


Amateur Writer
The Northern wing of the palace was small and old, topped with a cracked dome and filled with many rooms needing attention. However, it did overlook the largest part of the palace gardens, and when it came time to assign rooms to the governance of Ruyua’s Peak, Kyo reserved the Northern Wing for his family. Ruyua liked it, in her own quiet disapproving way, or at least saw its potential. She commissioned Invandi masons and carpenters and for much of the last year they had filled his home, speaking in their strange chirping language and working like a monsoon wind.

After the third day of the noise and the clattering, Kyo arranged for his desk to be moved into the garden. There, among the wild flowers of paradise and the rose bushes, there stood a spacious stone gazebo which might have once been a shrine to Invandi gods. It was from here he watched the gaijin work, through light silk curtains to keep away the strange alien insects of the land. Through hot days its high ceiling remained cool and dark. Through the wet seasons, its sloped surface and gutters miraculously carried away any raindrop and left the interior and the Dragon dry as a bone. Kyo came to love working here and even hosted the occasional guest, all the while pleased with the exterior of his home and the progress of the city itself.

It was here he would receive letters, too. He would read them with a gentle smile on his face, before putting them aside, only to read them again. Many were sentimental. More were from family that had long forgotten his name but only know heard it once again, through stories carried home. Kyo found himself writing back less and less, though, busied by the Mantis and Spider who called his city home. Soon, he found himself barely resting long enough to read the letters when they came. But he knew that this wasn’t really the reason he spent so little of his time to write back. Kyo just missed them all too much. When he thought about the band of Samurai, arguing amongst each other, wearing each other’s kimonos and laughing drunkenly about Yoritomo ghosts, he felt homesick.

Letters from the Kitsuki dried steadily, but letters from Tyuki-Hime did not. He was glad to receive the occasional hurried note from Shuzo, who was busy tracking the criminals of Rokugan. Daikichi proved even more elusive, drifting from port to port, but their correspondence was more regular when he settled for a while and much more professional, Kyo doing his best to mull over the information Daikichi provided. Yoichi’s books were less then welcome and Ruyua delighted in reading them aloud to her husband during dinners and in their sleeping quarters. It became such a pervasive habit that he finally decided he could only distract her with the suggestion that they find an heir.

The children belonged to Kyo’s extended family, the third son and second daughter of a distant cousin. Kyo had been contacted about the possibility of taking them into his home some weeks ago, but had only replied he needed time to discuss it with his wife. At first, Ruyua believed it to be a joke. Then, she thought it over, and something in her Crab heritage decided she would be damned if Spider took Ruyua’s Peak when they were gone. Kitsuki Saburo and Kitsuki Ami were sent from Rokugan to the Ivory Kingdoms in the spring, along with their nanny. Saburo was a small boy with dark eyes, who was generally quiet and respectful to a fault. Ami was certainly more wild then her mousy brother, having insisted she come along if Saburo was sent away.

With them they brought a second of Yoritomo Yoichi’s books, along with a letter. The Nanny explained a rough looking man had passed them on in Second City, claiming it was wonderful luck and that he would follow after them soon, to Ruyua’s Peak, but first had to attend to business in town.

This letter was put aside, still sealed, as Kyo and Ruyua were thrust into the strangeness of parenthood. It sat upon the desk, out in the garden, under a smooth flat paperweight as Kyo did his best to adjust to being a father. He tried to be authoritative, which worked as well as it had in the days of Plumtree. He and Saburo bonded over the strange insects in the garden while Ami enjoyed the stories of Tigers and Naga and Sea Serpents. A sense of fondness grew in the Dragon and his wife and the letter disappeared below notes and scraps of paper, swallowed in Bureaucracy. It was forgotten, as was the promise of a stranger to arrive on business.

A month had passed and dark grey clouds settled over the jungles. Rains began, sputtering at first, before warm fat drops constantly covered the city for days at a time. Kyo walked the stone path from the palace to the gazebo under his wicker umbrella, the same one he carried through jungles and deserts. Little had changed about him physically. Perhaps he was a bit older; softer around the belly, his goatee a bit longer and speckled with grey, the lines around his eyes and on his forehead a bit deeper. But his eyes remained sharp as a hawks circling mountain peaks. And the black Dragon Mon still dominated his shaved head, a talking point among some courtiers who couldn’t decide if it was gaudy or admirable.

On the steps of the Gazebo he shook out his umbrella, hooking it on part of the facade before opening the curtains inside. The sound of rain pattering on stone filled the little office. Kyo found the sound soothing, settled on the cushions before his low wooden desk. Little had been added to the stack of issues needing to be addressed, (In the rainy season, little work was done, so little work needed managing) so Kyo began to sort through papers, bringing a little order to the madness of his work.

That was when he discovered the letter once more. His lips were touched by a wary smile as he broke the Mantis seal and began to read.

Then the smile faded. It was replaced with a frown. Then with a lowered brow. He grabbed a fresh scroll and his calligraphy set, writing quickly in the dark morning.


To my old friend, Yoichi,

I must first ask for forgiveness in how late this reply shall be. Your letter, while most welcome, arrived in a time of my life that required great attention. Who knew running a great city would require so much focus? Your books are a great success in my household however. Ruyua delights in reading them aloud and I must say I admire the way you can alter truth to make such captivating flights of fancy. Ryoza is a wonderful writer and must be complimented, while your skill in embellishment has not changed. I simply dread the duty of the prosecuting party in whatever legal trouble you might find yourself in. If the inquest is ongoing, please inform them they might contact me for any assistance they need.

To the thrust of your letter; Tyuki-Hime did inform me she was worried about your dreams. I found them to be worrisome also, though she did not discuss the content of them I believe dreams and sleep to hold great power in the element of Void. Now that you have revealed the imagery, I am left deeply troubled.

Ruyua’s Peak has only grown in the time you and our friends have been away, back to Rokugan. It is stronger each day and the idea that a snake has made its way into the Spider clan here without my knowledge seems unthinkable. I shall and will not rule it out, of course, but I have not seen Hoshi or heard rumours of her location since she fled cowardly from Plumtree after summoning the Oni and stealing your wife-to-be, despite my scrutinous investigations.

Another troubling thing to note is the lack of any Yojimbo, generously provided by yourself. This letter arrived without your Ronin, but now I think upon it the carriers claimed that a stranger provided it to them and then went on to say he had business in Second City. I would send servants to locate him, but you failed to provide a name, so instead I shall tap into my contacts in the city and see if I might locate men in search of rare and mystical powders of legally dubious status.

You are welcome to stay within the Palace when you arrive. As soon as this letter is complete, I will go about arranging a warm welcome. I hope, however, that you are not needed here. And I hope, again, that you have a safe and convenient travel.

Might we continue to live in interesting times,

Kitsuki Kyo, Governor of Ruyua’s Peak

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