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Superman: The Beginning of a Hero

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1Superman: The Beginning of a Hero Empty Superman: The Beginning of a Hero on Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:44 pm

The Cowboy

The Cowboy
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The Beginning of a Hero

  1. A shot of Krypton from outer space.
  2. Jor-El and Lara are looking down into the space pod that will take Kal-El away to Earth. Lara is crying and says, “Be safe my son.”

    Jor-El is also crying, not for the loss of his own life but for the loss of his son, and says, “You will be the last son of Krypton. I’m sorry we must send you away like this, son, I’ll remember you forever.”
  3. The ship is shooting through space and we see it head straight for Earth.
  4. A couple, the Kent’s, are hiking through the woods and they see a meteor crash in a nearby hill side.
  5. They come to the crash site and look at it with amazement and wonder. This is something that they have never seen before and they are not sure what to do. When they get close the ship opens and smoke billows out. Martha covers her mouth, she is astonished to see the baby, John looks at her, he sees this as a gift from God, and they embrace. As they are still holding each other John says, “Martha, this is a sign. When the we went to that doctor I thought we’d never get to have a son but it looks like God has answered our prayers.”

    Martha then looks at him in turn and says, “I feel the same way John but do you really think we should take a baby that crashes in what looks to be a space ship?” Sirens then begin to wail in the background, people are coming to investigate the crash.

    “I don’t know but I do know that we can’t let the government take him. You’ve read the stories in the paper. They’ll take him to room and treat him like a test subject,” John says with a look of determination on his face. Martha looks at the baby and then back to John and nods in agreement. They take the baby and run.
  6. Time has passed and the boy has grown, he looks to be about eight or ten years old. Clark and John are playing in the field until they hear Martha yell that it’s time for dinner. John looks to Clark and says, “I’ll race ya.” The boy just smiles and nods excitedly. They get down like they’re at a track meet and get ready, John counts down from three. As he says go they take off, John is taking a steady lead but he is only playing with Clark, whom is trying as hard as he can to beat his father.

    Then all of the sudden Clark disappears and a blur passes by John and goes to the front of the house where Martha is waiting with a plate of food in her hands. Clark suddenly appears next to her and he looks confused. His sudden appearance startles Martha and she drops the plate on the ground and it shatters. Clark is looking around completely confused about how he even managed to get there.
  7. Clark and Martha are sitting at the table with Clark and they tell him that he is not their son and how they found him. He is shocked and in total disbelief. He cannot believe it but there is no other explanation for how he was able to move so fast. Reluctantly he begins to accept his current situation.
  8. Some days later, Martha and Clark are in a store buying some clothes from the clearance rack, she is acting like nothing in wrong but Clark seems to still be a little uneasy. “How can you be so normal after what happened,” Clark whispers under his breath.

    “You being able to run that fast doesn’t change how much I love you, Clark. We also need to buy some groceries so do you see anything you like?” She continues to peruse the selection of discounted shirts as she passes over one of the shirts there is a bit of blue, which catches Clark’s attention.

    “That one is cool,” Clark says as he moves to get a better look at the shirt and the design on the front. It has the classic ‘Superman’ logo on the front. “Can we get this one?” He asks his mother. Then from across the street gunshots can be heard along with a strong of screaming, a few people make it out of the building with one woman making it to the clothes store that Martha and Clark are in and she tells them that a man is holding the bank up. Everyone in the store rushes to look at the bank except for Clark who is still looking at the shirt on the rack.
  9. A man is waving a gun around as he holds a woman by her neck close to him. He is screaming that he will shoot her if he is not given all the money in the drawers. When no one moves he fires off another round into the air and picks someone to do what he says, she gets up and begins to put the money in each drawer into a bag.

    “Let the woman go,” A young voice says from off screen.

    Before turning around the man says, “Stay back or else the lady gets a few new piercings.” He then turns around to see that he is talking to a very young Superboy, who is wearing the shirt from the store and some fabric across his eyes to hide his identity, rather than someone with a gun. He laughs openly and then says, “You gotta be kidding me. Are you serious? You’re just a kid playing superhero. Get out of here.” He turns back around and continues speaking, “Alright, keep putting the money in the bag.

    All of the sudden Superboy is in front of him with his hand on the barrel of the gun and he looks angry. “I told you to let the woman go,” He says as he begins to squeeze the gun in his hands, it bends like it is made out of clay.

    “I thought I told you to get out of here,” The criminal is scared and it is very obvious, backing up trying to get away from Superboy. Suddenly Superboy pulls the gun out of the man’s hand and tosses it to the side, the imprint of his grip on the gun is evident. With the gun taken from him, the criminal lets go of the woman who falls to the ground and quickly gets out of the way of the two people. Superboy grabs the front of his shirt and begins to raise up above the man as his eyes start to glow red. They both begin to float up to closer and closer to the high ceiling.

    “I think you need to take a second and hang out,” Superboy says as he hangs the man by the back of his jacket so he cannot get away. “The police should be able to get you down from here, don’t jerk around so much. I don’t want you to fall,” The man suddenly quits moving so much and just hangs there. Without any warning Superboy is suddenly gone.
  10. The small television set is on the news which is going over a story about a person by the name of “Superboy” helped apprehend a criminal in a potential robbery. John turns off the electric device as he walks by it on his way to the table in the dining room, where Clark is sat down and is still wearing the ‘Super’ shirt. “Do you have any idea what would have happened if that man had shot you?” He asks as he sits down at the table, his face is stern.

    “I couldn’t let that guy hurt anyone and now we know that I’m really strong and that I can fly,” He says with a degree of amazement. He is now much more willing to accept his status as an alien. Looking at his father he knows this is not a time to joke around. “I thought you’d be proud of me. You’re the one always telling me we should always try to help people,” Clark says as he looks at his father, eyes dedicated.

    “You’re right, Clark. I’m happy that those people are safe and that you were smart enough to use your powers without getting hurt,” John is sincere and Clark understands this. “I just don’t want you to play superhero while you live here. Do you understand?” He phrases it like a question but it is not. Clark knows this. He might be young but he can recognized when his father is telling him something and he respects that.

    “Yes sir, I won’t do anything superhero-ish while I live here,” His head is turned down because he knows that he is being reprimanded but he will listen to his father. The scene fades to black.

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