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Hell yeah, writing from when i was 12

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1 Hell yeah, writing from when i was 12 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:08 am


Amateur Writer
The following has been taken directly from a story i wrote for english when i was 11-12-ish, enjoy.

The Temple Of Tutanknutmhen

Nutty stood on the top of the tree house, his red tail swung in the wind ,the wind was cold and it was darkness all around. Nutty closed his eyes and jumped off the tree, somersaulting in mid-air before landing perfectly on a mattress.
“Come on Squeaky, you'll be fine” Nutty yelled to his small bush-mouse friend
“I don't want to” replied Squeaky
“Come on , don't be a scaredy cat”
“CAT!!!!!” Squeaky screamed as he jumped and landed on the mattress.


“Why are we out here Nutty?” Squeaky stammered out of his frozen lips
“I told you we're out here because we need more food.” Nutty replied not taking his concentration of the ground
“But why do we need to go to the ground? Why cant we just survive off berries like the other ordinary bush-mice do?”
“Because we're not ordinary are we?”
“No I guess not” Squeaky replied knowing he was beaten.
For the next hour Nutty and Squeaky diligently searched for nuts


“Can I go home now ?” asked Squeaky
“Not now, my tail is twitching” replied Nutty
“SO?” Squeaky angrily asked, Nutty didn’t reply he just turned around and scurried up a tree, Squeaky reluctantly followed.
As Squeaky got up to the top Nutty had already made his way across a good 10 treetops then he stopped suddenly, Squeaky ran across the treetops to Nutty who was staring down over the edge, Squeaky edged closer to the edge of the tree and looked down............

What squeaky saw was almost indescribable, a huge temple covered in gold, Nutty and Squeaky both knew what this was, it was The Temple Of Tutanknutmhen.
Without thinking squeaky jumped down his eyes wide with intrigue, Nutty quickly followed, he wasn’t going to be beaten by a mouse.
They both stared at the doors
“How do we get in?” Asked Squeaky
“I dont know, wouldnt it be funny if I just said 'OPEN SESAME' an
d it opened.” Just then there was a loud bang and the doors fell down “Are you serious!” said Nutty as he ran in Squeaky following closely behind.

Squeaky scurried through the dark with Nutty hanging off him
“Do you have to do that ?” asked Squeaky
“Yes , yes I do” Nutty replied smugly
“fine” Squeaky sighed
Then a flaming arrow shot across the path lighting the room.
Then the duo realised the steps behind them are falling away, they ran for their lives until after 15 minutes they reached the end where one great treasure laid.

The golden nut of Tutanknutmhen stood before Nutty and Squeaky, legend said it could feed a full army for 100 days this could help them with their food problem.Without thinking Nutty ran towards the treasure, stepping on a trigger on the way there opening a chasm in the ground that swallowed squeaky and triggered the nut going down. Nutty stopped turned around and looked down the chasm.
Luckily Squeaky was holding on by a pinky but the chasm was closing fast.
“HELP!!” Screamed Squeaky, the nut was disappearing fast Nutty had to decide, his friend or the treasure.

He turned his back on Squeaky It was done for Squeaky was about to let go when Nutty jumped across him and grabbed his hand and the chasm closed
“Thanks” Said Squeaky, Nutty didn’t reply he just headed for the exit knowing there was a booby trap just around the corner and he was right. Just then a boulder rolled out of a hole in the wall
“RUN!!!!”screamed Squeaky as he ran ahead through the already closing exit. Then Nutty collapsed exhausted , he thought it was over when Squeaky ran back in and dragged him through the exit.

* * *
When Nutty woke he was back at the tree house with Squeaky reading next to him “So you woke up?” Squeaky asked sarcasticaly
“yes” chuckled Nutty “ thanks for saving me back there”
“No Problem” said Squeaky.
And with that their adventure was over
They went on to have many more but none bonded them more than that one.

The End

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2 Re: Hell yeah, writing from when i was 12 on Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:29 am

Bayushi Dave

Bayushi Dave
Amateur Writer
You were p good when you were 11. What happened?

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3 Re: Hell yeah, writing from when i was 12 on Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:01 am


Amateur Writer
Bayushi Dave wrote:You were p good when you were 11. What happened?

I met these people on the internet, I started writing RP instead of the adventures of squirrels and their generally mammal buddies. The rest is history...

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4 Re: Hell yeah, writing from when i was 12 on Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:32 am

Bayushi Dave

Bayushi Dave
Amateur Writer
Get back to this; you have potential.

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