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Togashi Yuna

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1Togashi Yuna Empty Togashi Yuna on Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:34 pm


Amateur Writer
Name Togashi Yuna

Honor: 4.5
Glory: 1
Status: 1



Earth - 2
  • Stamina - 3
  • Willpower - 2

Air - 2
  • Reflexes - 3
  • Awareness - 2

Water - 2
  • Strength - 2
  • Perception - 2

Fire - 2
  • Agility - 3
  • Intelligence - 2

Void - 3

  • Jiujitsu - 3
  • Athletics - 2
  • Meditation - 1
  • Craft: Tattooing - 1
  • Defense - 1
  • Lore: Anatomy - 1
  • Medicine - 1
  • Staves - 2
  • Courtier - 2
  • Etiquette - 2


Cloud - You can call upon the essence of the wind and the sky, granting you the same ethereal qualities as they possess. While this tattoo is active, any melee attack that successfully strikes you must immediately make a second attack roll. If the second attack roll fails, the strike misses. However, while this tattoo is active you may not make attacks of any kind.

Blaze - The power and fury of fire is unleashed in the Blaze tattoo. When activated, this tattoo causes your unarmed strikes to be bolstered with pure fire. Your unarmed attacks are accompanied by flickering flames that inflict an additional amount of fire damage equal to your Fire Ring plus your School Rank.


Tonfa (0k3): To-hit 5k3 (Agility/Staves); damage 2k3

Armor TN: 21

  • Quick Healer [PHYSICAL] - Your body mends incredibly quickly, allowing you to recover from even devastating wounds with amazing speed. For the purposes of recovering Wounds, your Stamina is considered to be two ranks higher.

  • Hands of Stone [PHYSICAL] - Some have a natural talent for unarmed combat, and you are one such individual. The Damage Rolls for your unarmed attacks are increased by +0k1.

  • Absolute Direction [MENTAL] - You possess an almost supernatural sense of direction, and you always know what direction is north, no matter the circumstances. This ability does not function if you are more than one day’s travel inside the Shadowlands.

  • Ascetic [MENTAL] - You have no taste for or interest in material things, and this minimalist attitude has impacted how others view you. Your School Outfit includes only weapons, armor, clothing, necessary tools of the trade for your profession (such as a scroll satchel for shugenja), and nothing else. Any time you would be awarded Glory as a result of your actions, you receive only half the normal amount. Coupled with the normal restriction for Monks in gaining Glory, ascetic monk characters would only gain one quarter the normal amount of Glory.

  • Sworn Enemy [SOCIAL] - You have earned an enemy, one who will stop at nothing
    to see you defeated or even killed. The basic version of this Advantage assumes that your enemy is of equal Insight Rank. For each Insight Rank above yours your enemy possesses, increase the value of this Disadvantage by 1. For 2 additional points, the enemy becomes your karmic nemesis, and you may not spend Void Points when opposing him or her in any situation.

  • Lost Love [MENTAL] - You shared a bond of true love with someone once, and have since lost it. This need not be romantic love, as familial or brotherly love lost is equally tragic. You tend to suffer bouts of melancholy when reminded of your lost love. When you are reminded of your loss, all your TNs are increased by 5 until you spend a Void Point to regain your focus. This disruption of your concentration cannot happen more than twice per day, and at least one hour must pass between instances.

5 Koku
Simple Robes
Traveling Pack



c Attack – Attack is the standard Stance adopted by
most bushi in a combat situation, and is tied closely
to the Ring of Water in that it is fluid and versatile. A
character in the Attack Stance has no restrictions on
the kind of Actions he may take.

c Full Attack – Full Attack is the Ring of Fire, raging
and consuming all in its path. A character in the Full
Attack Stance may take no Simple or Complex Actions
other than those used to make attacks, and may
only use Move Actions to get closer to his enemies.
Characters may not use the Full Attack Stance to deliver
ranged attacks. A character in the Full Attack
Stance gains a bonus of +2k1 to attack rolls made that
round, but his Armor TN is reduced by 10 to reflect
the all-or-nothing nature of the attack. A character
in the Full Attack Stance who takes a Move Action
during his turn may move an additional 5 feet beyond
the normal amount allowed for the Move Action. This
bonus movement is granted only once per Round, and
the character still may not exceed the normal maximum
distance he may normally move in one Round.
Full Attack may not be used while mounted.

c Defense – Defense is the Ring of Air, adaptable and
reactive. Defense allows for the greatest freedom of
action. Characters in the Defense Stance add their Air
Ring plus their Defense Skill Rank to their Armor TN.
There are no restrictions on what kind of Actions a
character in the Defense Stance may take, other than
that they may not attack. The Defense Stance is useful
for making oneself less vulnerable while making Skill
Rolls or Spell Casting Rolls during skirmishes. A bushi
attempting to light a spark for a burning arrow in the
middle of a melee would use Defense, as he may still
need to drop what he is doing to defend himself from
an enemy who attacks.

c Full Defense – The Full Defense Stance is the Ring
of Earth, reserved, unmoving, and unassailable. Upon
declaring his Stance, a character in the Full Defense
Stance makes a Defense / Reflexes roll and adds half
of the total (rounding up) to his Armor TN until his
following Turn. This Skill Roll is considered a Complex
Action, so a character in this Stance may only
take Free Actions.

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2Togashi Yuna Empty Re: Togashi Yuna on Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:49 am

Bayushi Dave

Bayushi Dave
Amateur Writer
Hoshi Yuna

Earth Ring 3
Void 4
Other rings and traits 2

Craft Tatoo 1
Defense 1
Jiujutsu 3
Meditation 3
Athletics 1
Lore (Heraldry or Naga) 1
Courtier 3
Etiquette 3

Hands of Stone

Ancestral Guidance

Mirumoto +1k1 to all agility rolls



Rank 1-tats
Rank 2- +1k1 to unarmed damage and attack.

Sworn Enemy
Anti Social/doubt (Defense)/compulsion/Dark Secret (childhood friend is a spider? WTFuck)

Full Defense 20 +(1/2 3k2)
Defense 23
Attack 20
Full Attack 10

Jiujutsu 6k4
DR 3k3

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