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Ikoma Okami

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1Ikoma Okami Empty Ikoma Okami on Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:35 am

Bayushi Dave

Bayushi Dave
Amateur Writer
Ikoma Okami

Rank 1 Lion's Shadow

Earth 2

Stamina 2 Willpower 3

Air 2

Reflexes 2 Awareness 4

Water 2

Strength 2 Perception 2

Fire 2

Agility 3 Intelligence 2

Void 2

Etiquette 1
Temptation 1
Courtier 1
Sincerity 1
Stealth 1
Kenjutsu 2
Investigation 1
Athletics 1
Battle 1
Commerce 1
Iajutsu 1
War Fan 1
Medicine 1
Defense 1
Intimidation 1


Blissful Betrothal (3 points) I like my Scorpion wife.
Luck (Rank 1) (3 points) Twice a session I may not fail something. Sometimes the Kami just want you to succeed and get rich.
Wealth (Rank 3) (1 Point) +6 koku because of social connections from my wife.
Social Position (4 points) +1 Status A little useful connections never hurt anyone.
Allies (5 points) 4 Influence 1 Devotion. Okami is the nephew of Ikoma Hakige, the Ikoma Daimyo, and even though Hakige won't go out of his way to damage his honor for Okami, he will still give him some assistance.

Attack 5k3
Damage 5k2

Lechery (2 points) I like other women too.
Overconfident (4 points for Lion) I'm too good to fail.
Compulsion (Sake) (rank 2) TN 15 or I'm drinking with the Mantis
Compulsion (tobacco) (rank 2) TN 15 or I'm smoking with the Tortoise.

Calligraphy Set
Traveling Clothing
Waky Zashi
War Fan

Traveling Pack
Cooking Pot
Tatami Mat
Pillow book
Week's Ration
Walking Stick
Wide-brimmed Straw Hat
Bottle of Sake
Sake Cup

Rank 1: No Boundaries
Those who walk the path of Ikoma choose a life of self-sacrifice and questionable actions in order to serve the clan as their founder did. You do not lose Honor for using Low Skills if they are used directly for the goals or glory of the Lion Clan (subject to GM judgement). As a Free Action you may target a number of opponents equal to your School Rank; you gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all attack rolls and Contested Rolls made against these opponents. This bonus may be activated a number of times per day equal to your School Rank, and lasts until the end of the day.


Ryoko Owari not only changes hands of rulers, but lines in the Celestial fate like the roll of a fixed die. All coming from this obsidian beacon either bear the marks of the city within their demeanor- or deeper yet, their blood.

The uneasy cooperation between the Scorpion and the Lion to maintain this glorious cesspool comes with the political meandering the Lion so diligently wish to avoid. Just as the Lion maintain the city from the superficial palaces lifted above the filth of the city and the Scorpion control the dens of inequity deeming in the shadowy epicenter of power, the balance of power for Ikoma Okami rests within using both of his lineages to reach into the political crevices of the empire.

Born to Ikoma Hatio and Bayushi Yutaro, Okami took the right of gempukku within the Akodo War College to train as a tactician. While he showed little potential as a tactician, his knack for gaining the trust of others and exploiting it through divulging personal information or employing subterfuge on others with long nights of drinking before major war games proved to be his strongest ability.

Even though his abilities showed potential, his reputation proved to be both a curse or a boon, depending on how the fortunes decided to smile. Okami took a position as an aide to the governor of Ryoko Owari, but soon found himself connected through his mother to many of the most powerful Scorpion magistrates. Through his mother's assistant he found favor in the courts of both the Lion and the Scorpion when he took Soshi Sui as his wife.

The daily accounts of the sly tactician performed up to the standards all kept for him, whether for shame or honor. After the birth of his two children Ikoma Torui and Ikoma Reji, Okami allowed them to be raised by his mother within the confines of the Bayushi, while attending to his beloved Ryoko Owari.

As time circumnavigated principle, Okami found himself in more of a position of scorn from clan elders for his practices with the Scorpion in Ryoko Owari, but this scorn made him a prime student for the sensei of the Lion's Shadow. With his social positioning, bloodline, and understanding of commerce, Okami looks to perform most admirably as the half Scorpion bears the mon of the Lion.

Years after a crucial duel cost her political scars, Bayushi Yutaro found a way of mutual compromise to extract revenge on the Kakita who bested her. While her son sets out on his way to Shemate Keep for Winter Court, Yutaro informs him the fall of the Kakita would give the Lion the opportunity to move into the vacuum and assert governance over the area, and if the Crane wanted to reclaim the power lost, they would need to divert political pressure from other places, giving the Lion an opportunity to leverage a tax stiffen for the return.

Leaving the home ground of Ryoko Owari to travel to the village his family stays in, nestled in Scorpion lands, Okami sees his way of operating within Ryoko Owari leading him to more promising futures for the Clan-- and himself.

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