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Takahiro the Tremendous

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1Takahiro the Tremendous  Empty Takahiro the Tremendous on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:26 pm


Amateur Writer
Togashi Takahiro

Takahiro the Tremendous  2lw6kiw

183 Honor: 3.5 Glory: 3 Status: 0

Earth: 3
  • Stamina 3
  • Willpower 3
Air: 3
  • Reflexes 3
  • Awareness 3
Water: 3
  • Strength 4
  • Perception 3
Fire: 3
  • Agility 4
  • Intelligence 3
Void: 3

Initiative: 6k3
  • Bare Hands
    • DR - 0k1
    • ATK Roll - 11k4
    • DMG Roll - 6k3 - 7k4 in Grapples
  • Tessen
    • DR - 0k1
    • ATK Roll - 9k4
    • DMG Roll - 4k1
  • Tanto
    • DR - 1k1
    • ATK Roll - 5k4
    • DMG Roll - 5k1
  • Kama
    • DR - 0k2
    • ATK Roll - 5k4
    • DMG Roll - 4k2

Armor TN
  • Base - 20
  • Armor - 0
  • Reduction - 0
  • Current - 20
  • Healthy (+0) - 0/15
  • Nicked (+0) - 0/6
  • Grazed (+2) - 0/6
  • Hurt (+7) - 0/6
  • Injured (+12) - 0/6
  • Crippled (+17) - 0/6
  • Down (+37) - 0/6
  • Out - 0/6
57 HP

  • Sailing - LVL 1 - Agility
  • War Fan - LVL 5 - Agility - (No off-hand penalties when using a war fan, Increase Armor TN by 1)
  • Jiujutsu (Sumai) - LVL 7 - Agility - (+1k0 to all damage of unarmed attacks, Free raise toward initiating a Grapple, +0k1 to all damage of unarmed attacks)
  • Knives - LVL 1 - Agility
  • Intimidation - LVL 3 - Awareness
  • Etiquette - LVL 3 - Awareness - (Gain +3 Insight Bonus)
  • Commerce - LVL 2 - Intelligence
  • Defense - LVL 5 - Reflexes - (Keep Defense/Reflexes for subsequent rounds in Full Defense stance, +3 Armor TN in Defense and Full Defense stances.)
  • Athletics - LVL 3 - Strength - (No impedements on Moderate Terrains and Difficult Terrain only reduces Water Ring by 1)

  • Hands of Stone
    • Some have a natural talent for unarmed combat, and you are one such individual. The Damage Rolls for your unarmed attacks are increased by +0k1. Monk characters may purchase this Advantage for 5 points.
  • Large
    • You are significantly larger than the average Rokugani, ranging in height from 6'0" to 6'3" in height. You fain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all Damage Rolls for any large melee weapon. Crab characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.
  • Sage
    • You have a love of learning, and have accumulated a staggering amount of information during the course of your lifetime. Whenever you would be forced to make an Unskilled Roll when using a Lore Skill, you instead are considered to have 1 rank in that Skill. Phoenix and shugenja characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.
  • Strength of the Earth
    • In your soul can be found the spirit of the mountains and the strength of stone. You can overcome injuries that would cripple other men. The TN penalties you suffer from Wound Ranks are reduced by 3. Bushi characters may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.

  • Compulsion - Tattoos
    • There is some activity in which you are hopelessly compelled to partake. It is a ritual that is so ingrained in your behavior that it requires a feat of will to forsake it, even in dire circumstances. This may be something illicit and addictive, such as sake or gambling, or it may be as innocuous as visiting every major temple you pass. This basic Disadvantage requires a Willpower Trait Roll of 15 to overcome.
  • Obligation(Rank Two)
    • There is someone to whom you are indebted or for whom you must fulfill some significant duty. The nature of this debt can vary considerably, but when it comes due, nothing else matters. You must honor it, even if leads to your ruination. The first level of this Disadvantage is relatively minor matter that nevertheless demands your full attention. The second level presents a major, significant obligation that could potentially damage your family's standing if you do not devote considerable time and resources to fulfilling it.
    • Yoritomo Shih is Takahiro's patron and he is deeply indebted to her for his Education.
  • Social Disadvantage (Ronin)
    • You have slipped from your position within the Celestial Order, and your place in society reflects that. You begin with Status Rank 0.

Mantis Brawler
  • Way of Drunken Fist - The basic techniques of the Mantis brawlers are based on the need to prevail in chaotic fights on tilting ship decks… or when reeling drunk through a sake house. Brawlers are tough and slippery fighters who evade the grip of their enemies while striking them at every opportunity. If you are Prone, you do not suffer any penalties to your Armor TN or to your attacks with Small weapons (or when unarmed). You still gain the Prone Armor TN bonus against ranged attacks. Also, you gain a bonus of +1k0 to rolls made to take control of Grapples and to your damage rolls with unarmed strikes, improvised weapons, and small weapons.
  • The Way of Sumai - While most Rokugani treat Sumai wrestling as a sport, the Crab have never forgotten that it originated as a combat art. When rolling to control a Grapple, you gain a +1k0 bonus (+2k0 if you are Large). If you choose to inflict damage in a Grapple (e.g. the "hit" option), you gain a +1k1 bonus to the Damage Roll.
  • Drunk Never Falls - The third lesson of the Mantis brawler is to win even when exhausted, dead drunk, or clubbed on the head. During a skirmish, you do not suffer penalties for being Fatigued or Dazed, nor do you suffer any penalties for intoxication. If you become Stunned, you may still take one Simple Action per Round.

Rugged Clothing
Two War Fans
Tanto & Kama
Metal Chest (8 bu)
My Greatest Undertakings by Yoritomo Yoichi (1 Koku)
Tattoo Needles, Steel (1 Bu)
Sweets x4 (1 bu)
Travelling Pack
  • Chopsticks
  • Cooking Pot
  • Fishing kit
  • Flint and Tinder
  • Lantern
  • Spices
  • Small Back Banner
  • Small Tent
  • Week's Rations
  • Spare Kimono and sandals



Takahiro is the offspring of a drunken, foolish Togashi Monk named Sifu and a poor, widowed pig farmer, whom made a home on the side of perilous cliffs in the Dragon lands. His father refused to awknowledge the boy and his mother despised herself for being so shamed, so she routinely took it out upon him. She forced Taka to become something of a slave; He would pul the plough through rocky fields during blistering summers to let the Oxen rest and would carry shivering Goats upon his shoulders up treacherous icy paths in the freezing winters.

Word spread to nearby villages and Takahiro became something of a talking point. Even Togashi monks would come to watch the young man lift full carts of rice over road blocks, or hear the hard thud of flesh against stone boulders as he attempted to clear the path once more. So enamoured were they with the boy that eventually they attempted to bring him into their Monastary. He firmly decline however, but believed that their simple asking was some sign of fate that he had outgrown his home.

He left the following night in darkness, after he had pulled apart his mothers house with his bare hands. From there he travelled south, through the Dragonfly lands. He skirted the Lion's lands mostly, briefly wandering through the Unicorns provinces where he felt truly welcomed. He did not stay for long however, travelling further south until he met Crabs lands. The Carpenter Wall felt far too much like the Mountains he had placed to his back, so Takahiro signed up with other rogues and madmen to patrol the Sea of Shadows. It was here he became acquainted with old seadogs that gave him a formal education and here he met one of the Son's of Yoritomo Shih. They were never friends, exactly, but when a huge beast leapt aboard and chewed the Mantis clean in two, Takahiro beat it to death with his bare hands.

He was surprised when, the next time he made port, Shih requested a private talk with him. The supposedly grieving mother had been so Impressed by the stories she decided to arrange some Sumai sensei for him. From there he became quite indebted to his new Patron and wishes to one day be a recognised and feared Opponent in the Ring.

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