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l5r paintings

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1 l5r paintings on Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:50 pm

Number 12

Number 12
Amateur Writer
i've been doing these bad paintings to pay homage to our l5r groups; the origional 7 samurai are done, and i want to try and get the new 7 done too, this threads just so i have a place where i can put them just in case anyone wants to see [:


Yojimbo & Charge

Ruyua's Peak

Hidden Motives

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2 Re: l5r paintings on Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:26 am

Number 12

Number 12
Amateur Writer
so i wanted to sign dai's name on the letter i just wrote from him to kyo, and then i went on a two hour fucking google translate safari hunting down the characters for all of our characters' first and last names and painted them myself here they for you guys if you're ever curious

note that there are alternative characters for almost all of these names; when i came across proper nouns that i could use, i used them, when i came across nouns that could be made into proper nouns i used them, but a few names actually gave me problems, when i hit hiccups i tried translating into Chinese, and some of them ended up working better, but most of them came out well in japanese, i left notes under each name so you could see which ones were in chinese etc.

I recommend looking at the image in a new tab, because a bunch of the names are cut off by the forum, trust me, they're all there; here's the link:


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