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Shosuro Reju

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1Shosuro Reju Empty Shosuro Reju on Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:49 pm

Bayushi Dave

Bayushi Dave
Amateur Writer
Shosuro Reju
Soshi Shugenja 1

Insight 120

Stamina Willpower
2 3

Strength Perception
2 3

Agility Intelligence
2 2

Reflexes Awareness
2 4


Calligraphy: 1

Courtier: 3

Etiquette: 3

Lore: Theology: 1

Spellcraft: 3

Stealth: 2

Sincerity: 1

Temptation: 1

Consumed-Insight (Etiquette)

You seek profound insight in even the most trivial, to the exclusion of normal activity. Choose one of your school skills. Any time you use this skill, you must make a Willpower Trait Roll at TN 20 or become last in reverie as you seek a deeper understanding of this skill. (You can be snapped out of this reverie by pain, loud noise, shaking, etc).

You are obsessed with gaining more knowledge and understanding of all things, no matter what the cost. Any time you encounter some topic, area of research, or new idea, no matter how trivial, scandalous, or blasphemous it might be, you must make a Willpower Trait Roll at TN 25 or decide to study it.

Your primary interest is yourself and things you care about. The light of others simply does not interest you, and you find it difficult to pretend otherwise. With the exception of those who contribute directly to your well being, such as your lord, you must spend a void point to place yourself at risk for the welfare of any other person unless there is an immediate benefit for you personally.
Dark Paragon (Insight)

You have mastered one of the precepts of Shourido, the dark code that forms an antithesis of Bushido. Once per session, you voluntarily sacrifice 5 points of Honor as a Free Action in order to affect a particular type of roll as indicated below, and gain a bonus of 5 to the total of that roll. If you do not have 5 points of Honor to spend in this manner, you may spend a Void Point instead.


Re-roll any roll that used the Awareness Trait


You have a love of learning, and have accumulated a staggering amount of information during the course of your lifetime. Whenever you would be forced to make an Unskilled Roll when a Lore Skill, you are instead considered to have 1 rank in that Skill. Phoenix and shugenja characters may purchase this Advantage for 3 points.

By the Light of the Moon
Way of Deception
To Seek the Truth

Never Alone

Reversal of Fortunes

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2Shosuro Reju Empty Re: Shosuro Reju on Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:38 am

Number 12

Number 12
Amateur Writer
So it looks p.good, I like the idea of a sort of hyper-acute person, but there are some things that I want to ask about just for confirmation.

Do you intend to get through fights using your spells?

How did your character come to justify becoming a student of Shourido? Did he learn the tenants of it from someone else?

Do you feel as though your Sage Advantage will get in the way of your Consumed-Knowledge Disadvantage, or vice-verse?

Lastly, it says in a sidebar in the book that it's not allowed to take more then one Adv/Disadv from one that has a bunch of mini-parts to it, so technically taking Consumed twice is a nono, but I don't really see taking the two that you chose as being particularly game-breaking, so I'm thinking I'll allow it as it does add a certain edge to the character.

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