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What Terrible Games Are You Playing Right Now?

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Amateur Writer
The title pretty much says it all.

For those of you who probably really don't care here's mine.

FTL: Faster Than Light, Space Rogue-like
OpenTTD, A free version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Trains and planes and stuff.
Super Crate Box, I have this game on my computer and my phone, it's addictive.
ME2, I'm still dwindling round this one, I'm finishing it soon goddammit

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The Cowboy

Amateur Writer
Borderlands is the only console game that I'm playing right now. I'd like to play the sequel but I thought I'd probably need to know what happened in the first. It was also free on Playstation Plus so it wasn't a huge commitment.

I'm also playing Dragon City on facebook which is dumb and repetitive but it gives me something easy to do when there isn't much else.

You probably know this but, I am also playing Legend of the Five Rings, a table top game, which is amazingly fun. It mostly has to do with politics and playing nice with important people but when combat comes into play then anything can happen. My only problem with it is that I only get to play once a week.

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Amateur Writer
WoW: Mists of Pandaria


Borderlands (Rebeating it! Very Happy)

Call of Duty Mw3 (Multiplayer, almost once a day.)

And of course L5R with you terrible people.

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Long Dong Silver

Amateur Writer
mario twin

good game 2 play

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Number 12

Amateur Writer
The Cowboy wrote:Borderlands is the only console game that I'm playing right now. I'd like to play the sequel but I thought I'd probably need to know what happened in the first. It was also free on Playstation Plus so it wasn't a huge commitment.

I'mma spoil BL1 for you right now: ain't shit done happen in dat game.

You're gonna get to the end of it, and ask yourself "How did a developer make me play a forty five hour game without ever sitting down to make sure it had a semblance of a story line?" You will never find an answer, and you will never find that to be a bad thing.

Conversely BL2 is the first sequel I've played in a long long time that did almost nothing to change it's core gameplay mechanics and yet still improved the experience in every other way. Gearbox really showed me a good example of what I want when I look at a pretty good game but wish I had great one.

Borderlands 2 is ten-outta-ten, would play again (if I wasn't still working on my first playthrough).

I also picked up Torchlight 2, so far it's a pretty good diablo-like game for only twenty dollars. The story is a bit more exciting compared to Torchlight 1, and if you have some buddies to play with I feel like it becomes worth the money you spent on it.

A few weeks ago I was completely engrossed in Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii. It's a oil-painted, side-scrolling, beat-em-up themed in Edo Period Japan. It's got a great mixture of lore ranging from yokai, Buddhism and Shintoism, and it tells two stories about Samurai hanging in the balance between life and death. If anybody here is going to play in my L5R camp eventually, you can go look at some of the stuff for this game to see where I drew a lot of my inspiration from. All of the art you'll find is fucking gorgeous, and it's all art they use for the game believe it or not.

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Long Dong Silver

Amateur Writer
Ninja Gaiden

fuck this game is 2 hard.

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Amateur Writer
Another couple of games to add to my ever growing list of games I play frequently

Neptune's Pride, I want to call it a real time strategy game, but only because that's exactly what it is. It's a space civ-like game set in real time, like a facebook game, it's good fun over a time so, google it

Lego Batman 2, I'm playing through this game with my dad, because why the hell not, very well put together, one of my favorite lego games yet, and i've played too many.

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